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URPUfficio Relazioni con il Pubblico (Italy)
URPUniversidad Ricardo Palma (Spanish)
URPUndergraduate Research Program
URPUniversity Research Park
URPUnemployment Relief Programme
URPUrban & Regional Planning
URPUrban Research Program
URPUnited Record Pressing (Nashville, Tennessee)
URPUniversity Research Program
URPUndergraduate Research Project
URPUbuntu Release Party (software)
URPUnidade Radiológica Paulista
URPUNO Remote Protocol
URPUrban Renewal Program
URPUser Registration Protocol
URPUnnatural Rock Pile (geocaching)
URPUniversal Referral Program (SCUBA diving)
URPUnidentified Road Pizza
URPUnauthorized Reproduction Prohibited
URPUrban Predators (gaming clan)
URPUnmanned Recovery Platform
URPUniversity Reimbursement Program
URPUnderreporter Program
URPUnité de Recherche en Psychologie (French: Research Unit in Psychology; Strasbourg, France)
URPUnique Radiolytic Product
URPUniform Repeating Pattern
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spirit of the law through the Automated Underreporter program would give
use of the Automated Underreporter program, the Service routinely
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