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The undescended testicle can also twist on the duct that runs from the testicle to the penis, causing serious inflammation that can be life-threatening.
Veterinary surgeons nearly always advise castration, removing both the descended and undescended testicle, so as to avoid tumour development as well as the other reasons I have mentioned.
MUNICH -- Men with atopic disease are at increased likelihood of having an undescended testicle, Dr.
and European scientists, birth data from several countries show "substantial increases" since the 1950s in the number of human boys born with undescended testicles and hypospadias, a condition where the urethra does not come out through the end of the penis.
Closer to home, toxins have been linked to reduced sperm count and volume, prostrate and testicular cancer, undescended testicles and urinary tract anomalies in men, and breast cancer and ectopic pregnancies in women.
They've seen mammals with undescended testicles and genitals of decreased size.
At the age of 16, the patient underwent surgical correction of bilateral undescended testicles.
Health authorities in Europe and North America have also imposed similar limits on phthalates in children's toys, after scientific studies linked these chemicals to genital abnormalities in boys such as deformed penises and undescended testicles.
Ryan Senior, 16, suffered multiple organ failure during keyhole surgery to find his undescended testicles after consultant surgeon Harish Chandran pierced a major vein, causing massive blood loss and cardiac arrest.
It also found two shadows in her abdomen that were believed to be undescended testicles.
The undescended testicles carry 20-48 times higher potential for malignant transformation than the normally descended testicles (2).