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Stuart says there were other marches at about the same time but mostly organised by the National Unemployed Workers' Movement which was closely allied to Communism and regarded with suspicion and distaste by many of those in authority.
The final two chapters address social service work camps in the 1930s (very much like earlier settlement houses) and opposition against labour camps, which was led by Wal Hannington and the National Unemployed Workers' Movement externally but also showed itself within the camps.
Fabian Pierucci, after organizing with the unemployed workers' movement, began working with the 180-room recuperated BAUEN hotel.
For the piquetero and unemployed workers' movements, the minimal increase in state assistance came to be the dangling carrot with strings attached.
The National Unemployed Workers' Movement (NUWM) was originally established in 1921, to draw attention to the increasing numbers of jobless following the First World War.
8) To this end, the Unemployed Workers' Movement (UWM) was founded in a meeting on May Day 1930 at Sydney's Trades Hall.
While the unemployed workers' movement initially proved promising in pressuring for jobs and funding for local projects, it soon confronted a series of serious problems.
The development of a mass urban unemployed workers' movement in Argentina challenges the view that an atomized, impotent, urban poor is incapable of powerful action in its own behalf, and offers inspiration and lessons for the rest of the world's urban poor.
The authors identify six 'struggles' in the period between 1914 and 1945: the Great War, the Communist Party of Great Britain, the General Strike and its aftermath, the National Unemployed Workers' Movement, the rise and fall of fascism and, finally, 'the Irish Dimension'.
Only members of the Communist-led National Unemployed Workers' Movement are presented as being ready to fight against fascism and the slump.
One movement that he calls on to exemplify this approach is the Unemployed Workers' Movement in Argentina.
In Argentina, the success of the unemployed workers' movement has opened a new perspective for advancing the struggle in the face of a prolonged and deepening depression.