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Effect of fertigation and residue management on yield attributes and yield of direct seeded rice Yield attributes Filled grain Unfilled grain Treatment 2012 2013 2012 2013 Irrigation techniques Drip fertigation 169.
In addition, unfilled grain of rice growth under HT and HTC conditions were significantly higher than normal condition (p [less than or equal to] 0.
Due to higher nutrient uptake resulted in negative effect on unfilled grains per panicle and chaffiness percentage.
The 1000 grain weight and number of filled and unfilled grains per pot were determined.
The unfilled grains, rachillas and hulls of the filled grains (paleae and lemmas) were also ground into flour to measure the total N.
However, when the plants received additional nitrogen, the weight of the IAC-47 variety doubled due to the increase in the number of filled grains, while the weight of the Piaui variety declined because of the increased production of unfilled grains (Tables 2 and 3).
The total nitrogen levels of the filled grains, unfilled grains, hulls and rachillas (Figure 1) were similar between the two varieties in the treatments without fertilization.
The production of unfilled grains in the present study can be explained by the high temperatures (above 35 [degrees]C) during the panicle emergence period.