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UTUtah (US postal abbreviation)
UTUniversity of Tennessee
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UTUniversal Time (Greenwich Mean Time)
UTUndertale (gaming)
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UTUp Time
UTUnion Tribune (San Diego, CA newspaper)
UT(San Diego) Union Tribune (the Copley Newspaper known as the "U-T")
UTUltrasonic Testing
UTUse Tax
UTUtility Vehicle
UTUrinary Tract
UTUniversity of Twente (Netherlands)
UTUma Thurman (actress)
UTUnion Territory (India)
UTUndertaker (pro wrestler)
UTUniversiteit Twente
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UTUnited States to United Kingdom (routing designation; US Navy)
UTUnit Test
UTUnited Together
UTUnderwriters' Laboratories
UTUnified Theory
UTUtility Player (baseball)
UTUniversal Translator (Internet)
UTUser Testing
UTUmbilical Tower (US NASA)
UTUpper Troposphere
UTUniversité de Technologie (French: University of Technology)
UTUltrasonic Transducer
UTUser Test
UTUser Terminal
UTUrinetown (musical)
UTUniversity of Trento (Trento, Italy)
UTUnfinished Tales (book by JRR Tolkien)
UTUbiquitous They (comedy troupe; Seattle, WA)
UTUnauthorized Trading
UTUpper Tester
UTUnique Tech (Age of Kings: The Conquerors Expansion, Microsoft game)
UTUncollected Tax (on tip wages; IRS)
UTUnexcused Tardy
UTUnit Trainer
UTUnité Technique (French: Technical Unit)
UTUnterer Totpunkt (German: Bottom Dead Center)
UTUtopia Temple
UTUber Tristram (gaming, Diablo II)
UTUtah Ordnance Plant (Cartridge Headstamp)
UTUlstein Trading (Norway)
UTUnitrade Specialized Canada Catalog (philatelic catalog)
UTUnderway Trial
UT(USN Rating) Utilitiesman
UTUn-Authorized Traversal
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6 WORKS that The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit author J R R Tolkien, below, never completed were edited and published after his death by his son Christopher under the title Unfinished Tales Of Numenor and Middle-Earth.
The text and appendices to the story in Unfinished Tales support West's reading and establish the tale of Turin as yet another story Tolkien developed to address the theme of ofermod.
"Beren and LE[bar]thien" was edited by Tolkien's third son and literary executor, Christopher Tolkien, now aged 92, who was also responsible for other posthumously published writings such as "The Silmarillion," "Unfinished Tales," and "The History of Middle-earth."
These authors focus on Tolkien's writing broadly, including not only The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, but also The Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-earth, among others.
On the programme, for a concert billed Unfinished Tales, is Mozart's Requiem and Schubert's Symphony No.
Unfinished Tales. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1980.
And that may be an encouraging thought." In Unfinished Tales, Gandalf declares that what one calls chance is really one's will accepting Iluvatar's direction.
In contrast, "The Mariner's Wife" in The Unfinished Tales and "Of Turin Turambar" in The Silmarillion are stories about anti-heroes that demonstrate what not to do in life.
Jackson's team-oriented directing style draws not only on Tolkien's own works, such as Appendix A of The Return of the King and the Unfinished Tales, but also on Tolkien's own conception of The Hobbit as an evolving story that was to act as the prequel for The Lord of the Rings.
The most obvious explanation of what happened to Radagast is that Radagast is fallen, that he had (Unfinished Tales [UT] 390) become "enamored" of the birds and beasts of Middle-earth to the extent that he had forgotten his mission among its people.
Tolkien himself obviously felt dissatisfied by his treatment of Galadriel after LotR was published, and elaborated on her history in several late writings, including post-LotR versions of The Silmarillion (Sil.), some of his late letters (Letters), the section on The History of Galadriel and Celeborn in the Unfinished Tales (UT), and some notes that Tolkien himself supplied to Donald Swann's Song Cycle The Road Goes Ever On, first published in 1967.