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Also being introduced is the SE-U430 system expander which will allow the use of studio viewfinder and large studio lens with digital interface on UNICAM XE series cameras.
1981) based on the reaction catalyzed by mitochondrial complex-I by following the decrease in absorbance due to the oxidation of NADH coupled with the reduction of ubiquinone-1 (Coenzyme-Q1) to ubiquinol-1 at 340 nm using a Unicam 8625 UV/V spectrophotometer (Cambridge, UK).
El metodo de espectroscopia de absorcion atomica, fue el seleccionado para analizar los metales pesados, utilizando el espectrofotometro UNICAM 969.
For determination of vanadium in ABA digested samples, MW-AD followed by FAAS (ATI Unicam 929 model) and ICP-OES (Perkin Elmer Optima 2100 DV) were used.
Metallic ion content was assayed by means of Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer (AAS), model Pye Unicam 969
La concentracion de la solucion luego de la adsorcion fue medida por Espectrometria de Absorcion Atomica con un equipo Ati Unicam 929 AASpectrometer.
Furthermore, the new engine incorporates the single overhead camshaft distribution system called Unicam which has been already tested on Honda's offr-road machines.
The FAMEs were analyzed by gas chromatography using a Ati Unicam 610 gas chromatograph equipped with a SP-2330 capillary column (30 m by 0.
Offered in FC and MT-RJ styles, UniCam Pretium-Performance Connectors are no-epoxy, no-polish connectors that install quickly and easily in the field with a UniCam connector tool kit.
The CRF150 is an all-new machine, powered by a scaled-down and updated version of Honda's race-proved Unicam four-valve motors.
First, every workstation was set up with Tecnomatix Unicam software, which EPM uses for shop floor control, quality and documentation.
1] using the UV spectrophotometer (Pye Unicam SP 800).