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UMLUnified Modeling Language (Object Management Group, OMG)
UMLUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell
UMLUser Mode Linux
UMLUnified Modeling Language
UMLUniversal Modeling Language
UMLUnified Marxist Leninist
UMLUpper Mixed Layer (oceanography)
UMLUsha Martin Limited (est. 1961; Jharkhand, India)
UMLUniversal Markup Language (common, but incorrect)
UMLUniversity Map Library (University of Waterloo; Canada)
UMLUnconditional Maximum Likelihood
UMLUniversal Mission Load
UMLUncorrelated Missile Launch
UMLUnited Microwave Laboratory (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
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The Unified Modeling Language is a stereotype language for Visualization, specifying, Constructing and documenting the artifacts of software system, business modeling and other non-software systems.
"Unified Modeling Language Specification."
Execute Requirement Change Management Processes and Collect and Validate changed requirements 4) CRP generates change request form that is submitted to the change control board 5) Change evaluation is done by CCB board.6) When change is evaluated then impact analysis is performed through cost estimation function, Schedule change and Unified Modeling Language is used due to Global Software Development.
[11.] Object Management Group (OMG): OMG Unified Modeling Language (OMG UML[TM]), Superstructure.
[14] No Magic, Inc., Unified Modeling Language (UML), BPMN, SysML, UPDM, SOA, Business Process Modeling Tools.
(NASDAQ: MENT) said that its previously proprietary front-end unified modeling language (UML) editor has moved into the open source domain.
SysML extends a subset of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) [2, 3] targeted mainly for software engineering.
iDEF3, iDEF4, iDEF5), Jackson Structured Programming, Visual Design Description Language, Java, programming languages C, Object Role modeling, Petri Networks, Southbeach Notation, Specification and Description Language, Unified modeling Language, Architecture description language, AADL.
The unified modeling language UML [10] [23] is recognized as a standardized object-oriented language for specifying and visualizing software systems.
<p>Microsoft is belatedly increasing support for the Unified Modeling Language, or UML, in the upcoming Visual Studio 2010 release that's slated to ship next year.<p>Besides visual programming tools and UML, Microsoft is pushing managed code through its Common Language Runtime (CLR) technology in the next version of the tool set.
Howard Podeswa's UML FOR THE IT BUSINESS ANALYST, 2ND EDITION (1598638688, $49.99) offers a guide to the Unified Modeling Language and tells how to create a business requirements document that confirms to the UML 2.2 standard.
The second edition of this guide to the Unified Modeling Language (UML) is intended for business analysts who need hands-on training in order to exploit UML tools and utilities in an IT project.
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