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UTUnique Tech (Age of Kings: The Conquerors Expansion, Microsoft game)
UTUncollected Tax (on tip wages; IRS)
UTUnexcused Tardy
UTUnit Trainer
UTUnité Technique (French: Technical Unit)
UTUnterer Totpunkt (German: Bottom Dead Center)
UTUtopia Temple
UTUber Tristram (gaming, Diablo II)
UTUtah Ordnance Plant (Cartridge Headstamp)
UTUlstein Trading (Norway)
UTUnderway Trial
UTUnitrade Specialized Canada Catalog (philatelic catalog)
UT(USN Rating) Utilitiesman
UTUn-Authorized Traversal
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The findings also apply to animals (via the unified theory) and provide the first evidence in support of the theory that the establishment of separate sexes stemmed from a genetic mutation in hermaphroditic genes that led to male and female sex chromosomes.
Crosley asserts that elements of modern physics, such as quantum mechanics, string theory and chaos theory closely correlate with alternative medicine and miraculous healing, creating what he calls a "Grand Unified Theory" of alternate complementary medicine.
Einstein never stopped his search for a unified theory. The day before his death on April 18, 1955, from a ruptured aortic aneurysm, Einstein asked his secretary to bring to the hospital a pad of paper on which he had been working.
He discusses such topics as classical hermeneutics and historical analogism, unified theory of divisions during the reform era 1069-1085, and discourses of authority and the authority of discourse.
Despite the tremendous practical power attributed to genuine expertise, researchers have yet to devise a unified theory of decision making, says Kim Vicente, a mechanical engineer at The University of Toronto.
Building an introduction to linguistics majors and others intending to continue linguistics study, Carnie works through preliminaries such as generative grammar, constituency, trees, rules, structural relations and binding theory and then expands to the basics of x-bar theory, including its extension to functional categories and its constraint through the lexicon, movement (including head-to-head movement, DP movement, Wh movement and a unified theory) and moves to advanced topics such as expanded vPs and raising v.
They could also gain insights into quantum gravity, quantum chaos, string theory, and other ideas at the forefront of efforts to construct a unified theory of force and matter.
of California at Irvine) here works out the logical consequences of this definition into a unified theory of democracy by bringing together the literatures on normative political philosophy, social choice, and the empirical study of political institutions.
Using mathematical methods to seek a unified theory of neural coding, neuroscientists Charles H.
While explaining the Penrosean approach and keeping the goal of a "unified theory" of management in mind, Mathews demonstrates how strategy must be linked to constantly shifting industrial and evolutionary dynamics.
The standard model also includes a theory called quantum chromodynamics, which describes how quarks bind together via the strong force, and a unified theory of the electromagnetic force and weak interaction, which governs how leptons and quarks interact.
of Essex) and Lappin (computer science, King's College, London) explore the possibility of combining their individual approaches into a unified theory of type theory and intensional semantics of natural language.
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