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UACAUniform Anatomical Gift Act
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UACAUniversal Anti-Chav Alliance
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section] 274e(c)(l) (2006) (excluding the term gametes or ova specifically from the definition of a human organ); Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, [section] 1(7) (2006) (amended 2008) (defining the word "part" as "an organ, an eye, or tissue of a human being").
the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (2006) to further improve the system for
They want higher barriers to entry for brokers: a stronger Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, a more heavily funded Food and Drug Administration with more stringent requirements.
See Sipes, supra note 21 (discussing promulgation of Uniform Anatomical Gift Act.
The Living Bank Uniform Anatomical Gift Act Donor Form Available from: The Living Bank P.
Provisions of the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act of 1968[7]
15) With the demand for organs vastly outweighing the supply, Congress first permitted organ donation by passing the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act ("UAGA") in 1968.
The Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (UAGA) created the legal power for individuals to donate organs and tissue in the United States.
In order to address these evolving ethical and legal issues created by organ donation, Congress enacted several legislative responses, primarily through the of the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act ("UAGA"), which are discussed below in further detail.
com was created in response to changes in the 2006 Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (UAGA) that make it easier to harvest Americans' body parts without their consent," said Mark Ferraro, Senior Vice President of DoNotTransplant.
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