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So a uniform building code would be an added value to utilise the different markets.
(New York, 1955), 222; International Conference of Building Officials, Uniform Building Code (Pasadena, Calif., 1958), 346; American Insurance Association, Engineering and Safety Dept., The National Building Code (New York, 1976), 560; International Conference of Building Officials, Southern Building Code Congress, and American Insurance Association, One and Two Family Dwelling Code under the Nationally Recognized Model Codes (Pasadena, Calif., 1971), 126; International Conference of Building Officials, and International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, Uniform Mechanical Code (Whittier, Calif., 1982), 47.
Despite the fact the first reference to an energy code is in Chapter 52, Appendix A of the 1979 Uniform Building Code (ICBO 1979), it was not until November of 1983 that the city council formally adopted an energy code for new construction, the 1983 MEC.
This can result in a building design that does not fully take advantage of its ability to accommodate inelastic deformations, which can, in return, result in extra construction costs."He concluded, "I hope the engineers attending this course walk away with new knowledge that will allow them to design earthquake-resistant structures that comply with the code and, at the same time, enhance the performance of the structure."The seminar, a sequel to an earlier one on seismic design of Reinforced Concrete structures using Uniform Building Code (UBC) / American Concrete Institute (ACI) provisions, held in Dubai last year, addressed the basic concepts of structural dynamics and the modal response spectrum analysis procedure according to the provisions of the 1997 UBC.Dr.
The cabinets are UL 1778 listed and approved for uniform building code seismic zone 4 installations.
The Uniform Building Code requires flashing, and many contractors meet the requirement by installing an L-shaped piece of metal.
The Clear Span line of tents exceeds all national requirements of the Uniform Building Code, National Building Code, South Florida Building Code and the Building Official Code Administration.
Special interests are expected to push the CBSC to modify the ICC codes to more closely match the Uniform Building Code that previously regulated construction in the state.
The ordinance was voted as an amendment to the state's version of the Uniform Building Code and made effective early last year.
Until recently, America had three primary model building codes, each produced by a separate organization: the National Building Code published by the Building Officials & Code Administrators (BOCA); the Uniform Building Code, by the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO); and the Standard Building Code (formerly the Southern Standard Building Code), from the Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI).
The code originated with the Uniform Building Code of the International Conference of Building Officials.
The two major authorities on smoke control -- Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and the Uniform Building Code -- require that this station include a graphic representation of the building.
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