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Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine paper, the authors used uniform methodology and the same dose range definitions for beta-blockers to investigate high versus no/low beta-blocker dose-ADRB1 Arg389Gly polymorphism interactions with major clinical end points in BEST and HF-ACTION, to further investigate pharmacogenetic interactions of beta-blockers.
The Texas Coalition for Affordable Power takes into account both complaints and inquiries filed with the commission for its report in order "to gauge general consumer sentiment and to maintain a uniform methodology across the study period."
(4) We focus on the period 1997-2015 because the data are comparable across countries in this period because of uniform methodology. (5) As shown in the figure, there was a shift from manufacturing toward services in all countries, but the shift was significantly less pronounced in the United States.
Banks review the MCLR every month, which is a uniform methodology introduced from April 2016 to ensure fair interest rates to borrowers as well as banks.
It is proposed to introduce a uniform methodology for determining the costs that form the fee.
It acknowledges the "challenging" 55 percent plastic packaging 'preparing for re-use and recycling' target by 2025, and calls for the Commission to establish a uniform methodology for the calculation of the targets of preparing for re-use and recycling and the measurement point for recycling performance.
All banks have to follow MCLR system, a new uniform methodology which will ensure fair interest rates to borrowers as well as to banks.
A major strength of this analysis lays in the use of country-specific data and a uniform methodology across the markets to forecast the prevalent cases of hemophilia.
In sum, we're offering a very quantitative maturity scoring system that allows organizations to not just score themselves using a uniform methodology, but also to pinpoint their areas of strength and areas of growth.
Lautenschlager said she saw the need for a "hard, credible test," complete with a "uniform methodology".
Scalability of capital allocation is achievable with a standardized process, without the need to increase overhead Utilizing a standardized credit assessment process, projects can be compared and measured against a uniform methodology across the enterprise creating efficient scale for capital deployment.
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