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UPFSUniform Patient Fee Schedule (South Africa)
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The hospital used UPFS (Uniform Patient Fee Schedule) codes.
The Uniform Patient Fee Schedule (Appendix H) of the National Health Act provides a fee schedule where a sliding scale of income-dependent co-payments for users of public healthcare services beyond primary healthcare level (e.g.
The following resource categories were taken into consideration: (i) theatre fees as per the Uniform Patient Fee Schedule (UPFS) categories (UPFS 2009 Western Cape, revised June 2009, Annexure A, available from: http://www.doh.gov.za/programmes/upfs/docs/2009/tariff_2009.pdf); (ii) ward fees as per the UPFS categories (UPFS 2009 Western Cape); and (iii) medical supplies for topical burn care therapy as per Western Cape 2009 tender prices (or where not on tender, the price ex-manufacturer).
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