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UPCUniversal Product Code
UPCUniform Plumbing Code
UPCUniversitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Technical University of Catalonia; Barcelona, Spain)
UPCUniversity Presbyterian Church
UPCUnited Pentecostal Church
UPCUniversidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (Monterrico, Peru)
UPCUnified Patent Court (EU in 2014)
UPCUnited Poultry Concerns (animal rights group)
UPCUltra Personal Computer
UPCUsage Parameter Control
UPCUpdate Protect
UPCUnited Pan-European Communications
UPCUniform Probate Code
UPCUnion of Congolese Patriots
UPCUrban Planning Committee (various organizations)
UPCUganda People's Congress
UPCUniversity Programming Council (various schools)
UPCUsage Parameter Control (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)
UPCUnited Pan-Europe Communications
UPCUp Converter
UPCUnion des Photographes Créateurs (France)
UPCUniversity Planning Council (various schools)
UPCUltimate Parent Company
UPCUniversal Primary Completion
UPCUrinalysis Program Coordinator (US Navy)
UPCUtilities Protection Center
UPCUnion Planters Corp (stock symbol)
UPCUplink Power Control (satellite telecommunications)
UPCUltra Physical Contact (fiber connector)
UPCUnion of Cameroonian Populations (Cameroon)
UPCUniform Practice Code (finance)
UPCUnit Production Cost
UPCUrine Protein: Creatinine Ratio
UPCUniversidad Piloto de Colombia (Colombian University)
UPCUnique Playable Character (gaming)
UPCUniversal Plumbing Code
UPCUniversité Protestante du Congo
UPCUnderpinning Contract
UPCUnlimited Power Corp. (Santa Fe Springs,CA)
UPCUtah Prosecution Council
UPCUniversal Personal Computing
UPCUnique Planning Component
UPCUniversal Peripheral Controller
UPCUnited Philips Communications (since 1997: United Pan-Europe Communications)
UPCUltra Polished Connector (fiber optic connector)
UPCUnited Processing Corporation (Somers, NY)
UPCUnió de Policia de Catalunya
UPCUnit Processing Code
UPCUnlimited Profits.Com, Inc. (website; Las Vegas, Nevada)
UPCUnderutilized Plant Capacity
UPCUnited Provinces of Canada (pre-1867 colonial name for Ontario and Quebec)
UPCUnited Provinces of China
UPCUnit Passport Clerk
UPCUniform Part Code
UPCUniversal Power Cabinet (Cellular Tower sites)
UPCUniversal Policing Contract (ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode application)
UPCUnited People of Cambodia
UPCUnlimited Private Calls (wireless telecommunications)
UPCUnciano Paramedical College (Manila, Philippines)
UPCUtilized/Unutilized Plant Capacity
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This is a case of first impression in Massachusetts and other states that have adopted the Uniform Probate Code.
Ascher, The 1990 Uniform Probate Code: Older and Better, or More Like the Internal Revenue Code?, 77 Minn.
(21) Sec Uniform Probate Code [section] 2-505, 8 pt 1 U.L.A.
This Part will also look at the Uniform Probate Code's ("UPC") treatment of the effect of adoption on inheritance and the recent changes to it.
Under the doctrine of incorporation by reference, codified elsewhere in the Uniform Probate Code, an extrinsic writing referred to in a will takes effect only if the writing predates the will.
(54) The original version of the Uniform Probate Code, promulgated two years later, failed to address the issue.
Newly revised Uniform Probate Code sections 2-120 and 2-121 incorporate many of the parentage assumptions of the 2000 and 2002 Parentage Act so we can identify who are, and who are not, the parents, and can also establish inheritance rights.
Often these states were influenced by the Uniform Probate Code ("UPC") or the Restatement (Second) of Trusts.
"Since its inception, the ULC has been responsible for more than 200 acts, among them such bulwarks of state statutory law as the Uniform Commercial Code, the Uniform Probate Code, the Uniform Partnership Act, and the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act."
Under the representation or per stirpes by representation regimes that are now the default under the Uniform Probate Code, if there are no longer primary beneficiaries, the assets are divided equally at the next level.
However, many states have adopted the modern Uniform Probate Code that substantially streamlines it.
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