UNIGEUniversité de Genève (Switzerland)
UnigeUniversità degli Studi di Genova (University of Genoa, Italy)
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Tai Wang, a PhD student at the Department of Cell Biology of UNIGE used ultra-sophisticated computerised modelling tools to characterise the various tridimensional conformations of the parasite's HSP90.
Extensive physical, chemical, and biological data is now in the hands of Unige and will be the subject of a thorough analysis.
Senior author Emmanouil Dermitzakis, Louis Jeantet Professor at UNIGE, who led the study, emphasises that today's study has profound implications for genomic medicine.
Professor Dermitzakis' team from UNIGE, in collaboration with Oxford University, focused on the fundamental differences in the genetics of gene expression between men and women.
Professor Hochstrasser is a founder of one of the world's leading protein and bioinformatics research centers which includes the department of medical biochemistry at UniGE, the clinical chemistry laboratory at the Geneva University Hospital, The Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB), and Geneva Bioinformatics S.
But the nanocontainers developed by the researchers from UNIGE, HUG and the University of Basel have the ability to release their vasodilator content exclusively to diseased areas.
The HIs of three SNPs from the Unige database were <30%, and only one SNP from this database had a HI of 50%.