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UNIGOVUnited Government (Indiana)
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(2000) "City-county consolidation and the rebuilding of image: The fiscal lessons from Indianapolis's UniGov program," State and Local Government Review, 32(3): 180-191.
Akuffo abandoned UNIGOV and established a plan to return to constitutional and democratic government.
One problem that Goldsmith faced was with the design of the Indianapolis metropolitan area government called Unigov. The dozen suburban communities that agreed to join the enlarged entity, known as Indianapolis, all insisted on maintaining control of their schools.
Parks, "Fiscal, Service, and Political Impacts of Indianapolis-Marion County's Unigov," Publius: The Journal of Federalism 25 (Fall 1995): 37-54; and Jered B.
Indianapolis statistics are distorted by Unigov, a 1969 annexation deal in which Indianapolis quadrupled in size to include all of Marion County, swallowing 12 of its inner-ring suburbs.
The MFJ enjoyed considerable success in portraying this as essentially similar to the much-reviled Acheampong's UNIGOV proposal of 1977-78, and used the regional seminars as an opportunity to speak out for multi-party democracy.(12) As the seminars progressed around the country, contributors became increasingly outspoken: the so-called 'culture of silence' was broken.
(3) The 1970 consolidation of the City of Indianapolis and Marion County, known as Unigov, combined many functions of the city and county.
Indianapolis and Marion County Unigov (1970) and Broomfield, Colorado (1998) consolidations were the results of state legislation.
Host City Mobile Workshops will feature sessions such as: BioCrossroads: Central Indiana's Life Sciences Initiative; Diversity Management: A Community Perspective; The Economics of AutoRacing;Exploring Indianapolis Cultural Districts; Greenways: Improving Quality of Life; Indianapolis' Amateur Sports Initiative; New Ideas in Urban Housing; Water: A Private-Public-Management Model; and Unigov: Expanding Boundaries.
Indianapolis then merged many of its services with the remainder of Marion County as of 1970 into what is called Unigov. However, schools remain part of independent local governments, and townships remain, which include fire and relief responsibilities.
Even those places that have annexed extensively, such as Columbus, Ohio; consolidated city and county government, such as Unigov in the Indianapolis region; or created tow-tier governments, such as Metro Toronto, continue to be confronted with irrepressible sprawl leapfrogging across their borders into the great beyond.
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