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UGSUmgangssprachlich (German: colloquial speech)
UGSUganda Shilling (currency)
UGSUrban Green Space (various locations)
UGSUtah Geological Survey
UGSUtility Gateway Systems
UGSUndergraduate Student
UGSUnigraphics Solutions (Siemans)
UGSUnsolicited Grant Service (DOCSIS 1.1)
UGSUnattended Ground Sensor
UGSUnderground Gas Storage
UGSUnion Guilde des Scénaristes (French: Union Screenwriters Guild)
UGSUnited Gaming Syndicate (gaming league)
UGSUnited States to Mediterranean, Slow (US Navy)
UGSUncorrelated Gaussian Sources
UGSUnited Global Services Corp
UGSUltraGuard Suite
UGSUnited Global Supply (division of USM Corporation)
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Chuck Grindstaff joined what was then Unigraphics Solutions in 1978.
The transaction also marks a rapid U-turn in EDS's strategy to become the leading player in the PLM space, an intention it announced in 2001 following the acquisitions of Unigraphics Solutions for $170m, for the remaining 14% stake, and SDRC for $950m.
BSA members include Adobe, Apple Computer, Autodesk, Bentley Systems, Borland, CNC Software/Mastercam, Macromedia, Microsoft, Network Associates, Symantec and Unigraphics Solutions (EDS).
Trans-Tec's CAD software is Solid Edge from Unigraphics Solutions, a Cypress, CA, unit of EDS Corp.
Unigraphics Solutions Inc., Unigraphics Solutions, Parasolid, Solid Edge, Unigraphics, ProductVision, iMAN, GRIP, managedServices, EAI, FactoryCAD, FactoryFlow, Sense8, VisFactory, VisConcept, VisConference, VisMockup, VisProducts, VisVSA, VSA, e-Vis, LightningStart and RAPIDiMAN are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of Unigraphics Solutions Inc.
The Texas-based IT services provider EDS has combined its Unigraphics Solutions (UGS) and Structural Dynamics Research Corp (SDRC) units into a new business called PLM Solutions.
EDS also will purchase the remaining shares of Unigraphics Solutions (UGS) in Cypress, Calif, which supplies CAD/CAM and other software such as Unigraphics, Parasolid, Solid Edge, and Product Vision.
The PACE initiative was formed in 1999 by General Motors of Detroit; Sun Microsystems of Palo Alto, Calif.; Unigraphics Solutions of St.
Once part of the then GM-owned Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Unigraphics Solutions Inc.
A new Solid Edge module from Unigraphics Solutions is powered by an intelligent, million-unit parts library created by
Unigraphics Solutions Inc., 675 Discovery Dr., Ste.
Underscoring its commitment to education, Freudenberg-NOK together with Unigraphics Solutions has donated 20 computer- aided design (CAD) workstations, a server and related software to the University of Massachusetts Lowell for use in its Plastics Engineering Department, which conducts research and educational studies for industry.