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UVFPUnilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis
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The most common etiology was unilateral vocal fold paralysis. All patients had undergone injection laryngoplasty via either the transnasal or transoral approach with a fiberoptic nasopharyngeal laryngoscope equipped with a working channel.
Bearing in mind the interest in research about the effects and effectiveness of phonation into tubes, the present case study aimed at verifying the perceptual auditory and acoustic voice changes after a brief speech therapy method, using three forms of phonation into tubes in a male subject with unilateral vocal fold paralysis, through surgical medialization.
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We are here describing an extraordinary achievement in an endurance form of athletics with a unilateral vocal fold paralysis for the first time.
(13) Lee et al reported that a false-positive FDG uptake on PET scans of the larynx can be elicited in some cases of unilateral vocal fold paralysis in patients with lung cancer.
Unilateral vocal fold paralysis is a significant cause of morbidity.
In the case of unilateral vocal fold paralysis, the injection should be placed at two sites: at the posterior aspect (lateral to the vocal process) and at the mid-vocal fold.
Clinically, parathyroid carcinoma should be suspected when any of three conditions are observed: severe hypercalcemia (>14 mg/dl), a cervical mass in a hypercalcemic patient, or hypercalcemia associated with unilateral vocal fold paralysis. (5,6) Grayish discoloration caused by adherence to fat and striated muscle has been seen in 50% of cases of parathyroid carcinoma.
Evaluation of vocal function in unilateral vocal fold paralysis following thyroplastic surgery.
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