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UCCUniform Commercial Code
UCCUnited Church of Christ (also seen as UCOC)
UCCUniversity College Cork (Ireland)
UCCUniform Code Council
UCCUnion County College (New Jersey)
UCCUnified Communications and Collaboration
UCCUSPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) Contact Center
UCCUnion Carbide Corporation
UCCUniversal Currency Converter
UCCUnified Communications Certificate (computing)
UCCUnited Church of Canada
UCCUnified Contact Center
UCCUkrainian Canadian Congress
UCCUpper Continental Crust (geology)
UCCUser Created Content
UCCUniversity Community Center (various locations)
UCCUniversity Center of Chicago (dorm)
UCCUnderfloor Catalytic Converter
UCCUnified Customer Communications
UCCUnified Communication Center
UCCUnited Christian Church (various locations)
UCCUniversity of Cape Coast (Ghana)
UCCUnited Community Church (various locations)
UCCUnsolicited Commercial Communication (telemarketing)
UCCUpper Canada College (prep school founded in 1829)
UCCUnited Conveyor Corporation
UCCUniversity Congregational Church (various locations)
UCCUniversal Copyright Convention
UCCUganda Communications Commission
UCCUrgent Care Center (medical insurance)
UCCUppingham Community College (UK)
UCCUniversity College of the Cariboo (Kamloops, BC, Canada)
UCCUniversity College Community (various locations)
UCCUniversity Computer Club (University of Western Australia)
UCCUnsecured Creditors Committee
UCCUncompensated Care Cost
UCCUndepreciated Capital Cost
UCCUeshima Coffee Company (Japanese beverage company)
UCCUpper Camel Case (words)
UCCUniversity College Chichester
UCCUnindicted Co-Conspirator (crime)
UCCUnited Cancer Council
UCCUltra Clean Coal
UCCUniversal Code Council
UCCUtility Coordination Committee (various locations)
UCCUnited Catholic Church (various locations)
UCCUrothelial Cell Carcinoma
UCCUniroyal Chemical Company (various locations)
UCCUtah Career College
UCCUnified Combatant Command
UCCUniversity Computing Company
UCCUnidad de Cambio Climático
UCCUniversity College Cardiff (merged with UWIST in 1988 to form UWCC)
UCCUnion Camp Corporation (stock symbol)
UCCUnit Control Center
UCCUniversity of Cincinnati Clermont (Batavia, Ohio)
UCCUnited Cultural Council (Providence, RI)
UCCUndergraduate Chemistry Council (various schools)
UCCUnion Christian College (Aluva, Kerala, India)
UCCUrban Credit Cooperative
UCCUniversal CMM Controller (Renishaw)
UCCUnit Classification Committee (prisons)
UCCUltra Compact Combustor (gas turbine engines)
UCCUniversity Community Childcare (Ames, IA)
UCCUniversal Conference Control
UCCUrban County Council
UCCUnencrypted Cable Circuit
UCCUnited Computing Corporation
UCCUrinary Cortisol Corrected for Creatinine
UCCUniform Criminal Complaint (police warrant)
UCCUnited Cultures Club
UCCUnderwater Combat Control
UCCUncovered Column
UCCUnlevered Cost of Capital
UCCUtilities Control Center
UCCUnit Control Cell
UCCUkrainian Canadian Council (Canada)
UCCUplink Control Channel
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(Nixon was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Watergate burglary cover-up, whereas Trump is one in New York case involving his participation in pre-election payoffs to silence two women with whom he had sexual liaisons shortly after the birth of his son Barron.)
Armstrong Coal, which is now bankrupt, is designated on the indictment as an unindicted co-conspirator.
But in admitting his guilt, Cohen also transformed Trump into an unindicted co-conspirator. Trump's status will likely change for the worse after Cohen testifies from Tuesday to Thursday before the Senate and the House.
Senator Susan Collins of Maine was a voice of independence in the health-care debate; now she sees no problem with having a president who's an unindicted co-conspirator appoint a Supreme Court justice who believes that presidents are immune from prosecution.
And Judge Kavanaugh refused to commit to recusing himself from matters stemming from Special Counsel Muellers investigation, despite the obvious impropriety of this President who is effectively an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal investigation naming a justice to the court who has already reached the legal conclusion that a sitting president should not be investigated or indicted while in office.
But, under the theory of the present cased espoused by the government, Taylor is a cooperating, unindicted co-conspirator and a material witness against Hoback.
Siraj bears the same name as his father a controversial Iman who was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
Jim Norton was accused of directing his now ex-wife, unindicted co-conspirator Kelly Norton, to hire Sherry Pierce at her firm, KNB Consulting, through which the money was allegedly funneled.
Itfit this characterizationby pertaining to offenses for which the former president had not beencriminally charged although accused as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Watergate cover-up.<br />But the post-Civil War case contains an important limitation that mightimperil thepresidential pardons being bandied about by the White House.
Dan, himself, mostly free of collateral damage from the Harrisburg case (he was once charged as an unindicted co-conspirator), wandered into some unfortunate controversies, centering first in 1973 on Arabs and Israel.
Their claims all but calls Adams an unindicted co-conspirator worthy of indictment.