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UPRRUnion Pacific Railroad
UPRRUnclaimed Property Recovery and Reporting
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29 Director, Public Affairs Union Pacific Railroad Little Rock
A spokesman for Union Pacific Railroad says the company has not finalized the project and could not give details about it.
Rail tie fabrication technology to be used at the Pueblo plant has evolved during the company's 25-year history, he affirms, during which it has delivered more than 20 million ties to Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific Railroad, plus light rail/transit, high-speed, and industrial rail lines throughout the country.
In April 1868, the Union Pacific Railroad published a pamphlet reporting its progress building a transcontinental line west from Omaha to Salt Lake.
BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID, C4, 1.05PM Two train robbers (Paul Newman and Robert Redford) are forced to go on the run when the Union Pacific Railroad tires of being targeted and sets a posse on their trail.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) honored Union Pacific Railroad with its Clean Air Excellence Award for developing Genset switching locomotive technology, which significantly surpasses EPA Tier 2 locomotive standards and serves as a testament to Union Pacific's ongoing commitment to developing environmentally responsible technologies.
The Union Pacific Railroad Company will close State Highway 150 between FM 1375 and State Highway 75 to repair a railroad crossing over SH 150 in New Waverly Wednesday.
Union Pacific Railroad's Pipeline Express service set a milestone in delivering its 25,000th rail car of customer product.
Union Pacific Railroad and Dow Chemical have signed a memorandum of cooperation (MOC) reinforcing the companies' long history of working together to improve safety and security in chemical transportation.
Union Pacific Railroad recently announced it has signed a contract with National Railway Equipment Company to build 60 low-emission diesel locomotives for use at its Los Angeles Basin rail yards.
Union Pacific Railroad (UP) and CSX Transportation are joining forces to offer a transcontinental, 55-car train of new refrigerated boxcars that will travel from Wallula WA to Albany NY in just over five days.
"Our Union Pacific Railroad supply agreement, combined with this order, positions TieTek to consider an expansion of capacity in 2006."
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