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Speaking after making her announcement, she said she wanted to back someone who had been through the same trade union route into the party as she had.
"I am 100 per cent certain that we are doing the right thing and that the Union route is the right one.
Alternatively, there's the rugby union route, with no challenge system but refs referring incidents to a TV official.
Is there a drawback to getting the money so quickly, as this seems simpler than the credit union route, where I have to become a member first?
"I think it's a pity that more MPs don't come through that union route as it gives you everything you need to represent people well," he says.
With Reserve Bank of India in December 2010 scrapping a mechanism of settling payments through the Asian Clearing Union route, India has been paying 55 per cent of the value of oil imports from Iran in euros through Turkey's Turkiye Halk Bankasia.
1862--A joint Army-Navy campaign in February opens the Tennessee River as a Union route into the South.
Twenty-five percent of all organizing drives end up with somebody being illegally fired--and that sends a message to everybody else that if you go the union route, you too could end up being fired from your job.
Troika recently sat down to negotiate an Equity contract for its long-running "Starlight Express" tour, but Big League has refused to go the union route for its "Miss Saigon."
For example, the union route is often characterized as more adversarial, in part because it challenges commonsense views of the university administration as neutral and relatively benign.
Noble's predecessor John Dixon made a conscious decision not to take the rugby union route, but the new boss has not ruled out cross-code swoops in addition to further recruits from Australia.
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