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UINUser Identification Number
UINUnique Identifying Number
UINUser Inactivity Monitor
UINUniversal Identification Number
UINUniversal Internet Number (ICQ)
UINUnique Identification Number
UINUniversity Identification Number
UINUser Identification Number (ICQ)
UINQuincy, IL, USA - Baldwin Field (Airport Code)
UINUniversity Information Network (Egypt)
UINUnit Identification Number
UINUrban Investment Network (Urban Land Institute)
UINUnion Inspection Notice
UINUnité d'Imagerie Numérique (French: Digital Imaging Unit; radiology)
UINUseless Inert Nothing
UINUnemployment Identification Number
UINUnion Improvement Notice (UK)
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This part, discovered in Mauritius in May 2016, was the third piece to be conclusively linked to MH370, according to an October (http://minister.infrastructure.gov.au/chester/releases/2016/October/dc135_2016.aspx) statement from Chester. "Examination revealed the presence of a unique identifying number relating to the part's construction which allowed it to be determined as definitely coming from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370," he added.
Data from each of the documents that we receive are entered into our PeopleSoft database, and PeopleSoft assigns a unique identifying number, which we refer to as a voucher number.
(3) CAS number: A unique identifying number for every chemical substance assigned by the CAS Registry System, which is operated and administered by the Chemical Abstracts Service.
Ideally, each label should have a unique identifying number. Labels must also allow for patients to improve or deteriorate.
The prosecution said his activities were detected with the help of his computer's IP address, a unique identifying number.
Once the serialization system receives the unique identifying number it provides the number to the case labeler printer where it is added to the case label.
The March 8 ministers also refused to give the agencies the International Mobile Subscriber Identity -- a unique identifying number stored in every cellphone's SIM, except in certain geographical areas of Lebanon.
The tags transmit a unique identifying number to an electronic reader, which communicates with a database that stores information about the item.
The key requirement for making the system work is for each student to be given a unique identifying number and a set of interoperable database systems that allow administrative records to be linked from year to year and from school to school within a state, he says.
That data is linked to a tag, which receives a unique identifying number and is applied to the roll's core.
The unique identifying number would be some combination of numbers and letters, to address concerns some members of the Supreme Court steering committee raised about privacy and identity theft issues with using Social Security numbers.
The DOD, GSA, and NASA have issued an interim rule which would require that a unique identifying number be issued for each contract, purchase order, agreement and blanket purchase order issued by an agency and reported to the federal procurement data system.
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