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The largest saline lake in Washington, Omak Lake is a unique natural area, covering over 3200 acres in the Colville Reservation.
The park has all the conveniences and is tailored to every taste, from comfortable benches and fountains to a unique natural area.
A storm of protest is building around the death of a frail Squamish Nation Elder who was sent to jail when she refused to apologize for her defense of a unique natural area in the traditional territory of her people.
In addition to people hazards, off-leash dogs have harassed and destroyed a large population of the ground dwelling and nesting wildlife in this unique natural area. In the last 15 years at least, the populations of our ground nesting state bird, the western meadowlark, have decreased to the point that it is rare to hear or see one anymore.
The unique natural area of Puget Sound has been divided into north and south halves for the newest editions of this handy guide.
Federal Environment Minister Schulze: "The Wadden Sea is a globally unique natural area and quite rightly a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Each of the seven United Arab Emirates has its own unique natural areas that are, for the most part, untouched and unaltered by man.
I intend to partner with local governments and other state agencies to encourage New York families and visitors from other states to experience New York's unique natural areas. Whether you are a hiker or hunter, birder or camper, boater or skier, Conservationist offers stories that will help you find new places and new ways to explore New York's great outdoors.
Joe), Jacksonville, Florida, USA, transferred ownership of Aspalaga Bluffs, long considered one of Florida's most unique natural areas, to The Nature Conservancy (TNC).
And urgent action is needed to prevent the destruction of unique natural areas in the future member states, "in too many cases by development projects supported by EU pre-accession funds in direct contravention of EU law".
For that matter, there are unique natural areas right in town.
The park's goal is preservation of the biological and genetic diversity of several unique natural areas, as well as the historical-cultural objects of the region.
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