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Three aspects of his literary virtuosity are discernible in his forceful critique of Tyre: creative imagery and phrasing, use of unusual and even unique words (hapax legomena) and further expansion of biblical vocabulary through neologisms (invented words).
Coword analysis was conducted by using (a) NodeXL, a social networking analysis plug-in for Microsoft Excel (Hansen, Shneiderman, & Smith, 2010) and (b) a custom parser of unique words and unique word pairs.
First, we clean our dataset [27] which contained 1400 movie reviews (700 positive and 700 negative) and for each review separated all the unique words. We divide each review text into a number of segments or windows, each segment contains 100 words.
Given w = Y(v), we may now define the word [w.sup.(B)] as being the unique word satisfying [w.sup.(B)] = Y([v.sup.t]) such that Q([w.sup.(B)]) = Q[([w.sup.(B)]).sup.T] = U[(w).sup.t].
So, for instance, visitors to Portugal latch onto saudade, a unique word for a specifically Portuguese melancholy.
(1) This allowed me to isolate and count the appearance of each unique word in each speech.
A whimsical, memorable and unique word, with no real meaning other than that it includes the first two initials of their first names--the branding and graphic design duo is hoping FLIR becomes a household name in Whatcom County as the area grows.
MI indicates how much the uncertainty involved in expecting y is reduced by knowledge that we have x, and is given by [[summation].sub.x,y]P(x, y)log [P(x, y)/P(x)P(y)] (the summation extends over all unique word pairs).
Following Zeno, Ivens, Millard, and Duvvuri (1995), it identifies a core set of 5,586 unique word forms that establish the basis for further reading and vocabulary development: almost the same 2,000 high-frequency word families promoted in the L2 literature (Nation).
But whereas Ruscha created unique word paintings that, in their commercial-signage slickness, look mass-produced, Smith does the opposite.
Text is represented as a matrix with each row standing for a unique word and each column stands for a text passage.