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In the lawsuit against Michelin, Allen and her attorneys alleged that a defective Uniroyal tire -- manufactured by Michelin at its plant in Ardmore, Okla.
Uniroyal claims the new tyre can disperse up to 10 litres of water a second when driven through 8mm of standing water at 60mph.
Uniroyal was a pioneer in demonstrating that, while not possessing all the properties of vulcanized rubber, such a TPE had sufficient properties for many applications with the added advantage of easy molding of parts and remolding of scrap.
Uniroyal is in the middle price range and with its 'Rain Tyre' trading particularly on its outstanding wet weather performance.
In 1998, the company made a bold entry into the high-tech industry with the formation of its Uniroyal Optoelectronics segment in Tampa--a development that has placed Uniroyal on the cutting edge of the worldwide lighting technology marker.
It was the most effective compound among the carbazate class of miticides invented by the author, a research chemist working in Uniroyal Chemical's Guelph, ON laboratory and by Paul McDonald, an entomologist at Uniroyal Chemical's Bethany, CT screening facility.
In the latest action, Howard said Hercules is entitled to contributions from Uniroyal to the tune of 2.
Uniroyal has also announced its purchase of the Unite product line from Aristech Chemical Corp.
Earlier this year, The Michelin Group purchased Uniroyal Goodrich for $1.
I'm excited about this campaign because Uniroyal and I share some very common goals," said Danger.
Across six decades, the Giant Uniroyal Tire has stood as an important symbol of Uniroyal's 123-year heritage.
Uniroyal commercialized its blowing agents under the Celogen name.