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UDCUSB (Universal Serial Bus) Device Controller
UDCUniversity of the District of Columbia
UDCUniversidade da Coruña (Spain)
UDCUnited Daughters of the Confederacy
UDCUrban Driving Cycle (statistics)
UDCUnified Development Code
UDCUnion Democratique du Centre (Swiss People's Party)
UDCUSACE (United States Army Corps of Engineers) Deployment Center
UDCUrban Development Corporation
UDCUniversal Display Corporation
UDCUniversal Decimal Classification
UDCUnion Des Comores (French: Union of the Comoros)
UDCUnited Dental Care (various locations)
UDCUniversal Disk Controller
UDCUniversal Data Controller
UDCUniversal Data Connection
UDCUser Defined Commands
UDCUtility Data Center
UDCUniversal Digital Controller
UDCUniversal Data Capture
UDCUser Defined Character
UDCUniversal Data Collection
UDCUser Data Channel
UDCUniversal Data Converter
UDCUnited Development Company
UDCUnió Democrática de Catalunya (Democratic Union of Catalonia, Spain)
UDCUnion of Democratic Control (UK)
UDCUrban District Council (UK)
UDCUrban Design Committee (various organizations)
UDCUtility Data Center (HP)
UDCUser-Defined Character (computing)
UDCUtility Distribution Company
UDCUniform Distribution Center (Us Coast Guard Unit)
UDCUniversal Digital Controller (Honeywell)
UDCUnified Digital Campus (various organizations)
UDCUnione Dei Democratici Cristiani e di Centro (Italian political party)
UDCUnited Doberman Club
UDCCameroonian Democratic Union
UDCUtah Department of Corrections
UDCUsage Data Collector (Eclipse)
UDCUniun Democratica Dal Center (Swiss People's Party)
UDCUser-Defined Command
UDCUnit Descriptor Code (US DoD)
UDCUnit Deployment Center
UDCUrban Dance Company Ltd. (UK)
UDCUniversal Digital Channel
UDCUn-Dated Cheque (banking; Bangladesh)
UDCUnion Discipline Croyance (French: Union Discipline Belief)
UDCUnit Disciplinary Committee (Federal Bureau of Prisons)
UDCUniversal Database Connectivity
UDCUniform Definition of a Child (tax law)
UDCUser Driven Content
UDCUnder-Developed Country
UDCUser Defined Collection
UDCUniao Democrata-Crista de Timor (Christian Democratic Union of Timor)
UDCUndated Circular Cancel (philately)
UDCUnicycle Dot Com
UDCUtopia Diplomat Corps (Swirve's Utopia game)
UDCUniform Directional Coupler
UDCUnclassified Document Control
UDCUniversal Data Channel
UDCUser-Definable Commands
UDCUnión Democrática del Camerún (Spanish)
UDCUser Designation Code
UDCUniversal Data Connectivity
UDCUnit Desk Clerk (medical)
UDCUnlawful Discrimination Claim (IRS code)
UDCUn-reimbursed Development Cost
UDCUser Data Consolidation (telecommunications)