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UDPUser Datagram Protocol
UDPUnitary Development Plan (statutory development plan for London and other metropolitan boroughs)
UDPUnited Democratic Party
UDPUniversidad Diego Portales (Chilean university)
UDPUniversal Datagram Protocol (Cisco)
UDPUridine Diphosphate
UDPUniversal Driver Package
UDPUnderdrive Pulley (automotive)
UDPUrban Design Plan (various locations)
UDPUrban Development Planning
UDPUser Defined Primitive (computer programming)
UDPUridine Phosphorylase
UDPUrban Design Project (Buffalo, NY)
UDPUnit Deployment Program
UDPUSENET Death Penalty
UDPUlster Democratic Party
UDPUnreliable Datagram Protocol
UDPUnião Democrática Popular (Portuguese political party)
UDPUser Diagram Protocol
UDPUrban Development Project
UDPUnified Development Process (software development)
UDPUnreliable Data Protocol
UDPUgly Duckling Presse
UDPNational Birth Party (Cyprus)
UDPUrban Dispersion Program (US DHS)
UDPUridine 5'-Diphosphate
UDPUbuntu Documentation Project (computer project)
UDPUnion pour la Démocratie et le Progrès (French: Union for Democracy and Progress, Mauritania)
UDPUser-Defined Procedure
UDPUndergraduate Degree Program
UDPUp and Down Procedure
UDPUser Defined Process
UDPUmpire Development Program (umpire evaluation process)
UDPUnified Development Platform
UDPUniversal Dialing Plan
UDPUnit Deployment Package
UDPUnit Deployment Plan (US DoD)
UDPUrbaine des Pétroles (French: Urban Petroleum; France)
UDPUniform Daylight Period
UDPUp Down Pair (telecommunications)
UDPUtility Deactivation Plan
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The site is part of the employment allocation on the council's Unitary Development Plan - a kind of blueprint for the area - and is allocated as a mixed use site meaning it can be used for employment and housing.
The eight-storey and six-storey blocks would sit on land that was earmarked for employment use in the Liverpool Unitary Development Plan (UDP) of 2002.
The LDP will inform planning decisions in Flintshire for the next 15 years, and will replace the existing Unitary Development Plan.
THE debate over planned new housing for Newcastle and Gateshead is reminiscent of similar arguments in the early 1990s over Newcastle's Unitary Development Plan.
Along with concerns about the impact on biodiversity of wildlife, the committee said "the proposal would result in the loss of designated Safeguarded Land" as set out in the council's Unitary Development Plan 2002.
A document written by the residents' group claims that members of the park authority's planning committee were not given details of objections made before a new Unitary Development Plan (UDP) was adopted four years ago.
There is local opposition to the proposal in Denbighshire's unitary development plan for 1,700 new homes on a greenfield site to the east of the village.
The planning inspector said the proposed shop would contradict the future vision for the borough, the Haringey Unitary Development Plan, which aims to protect businesses in town centres.
Today, Vijay Sarathy, chairman of the Cannon Hill Neighbourhood Forum, said: "The scale of the development was too big and the council have urged the developers to consult the local neighbourhood groups in all three wards in order to come up with a tangible application which not only satisfies the aspect of amenity but is within the guidelines of the unitary development plan.
The residents association can huff and puff about this, egged on for political reasons by the local Labour Party, but the fact is that the council's own Unitary Development Plan, a statutory document drawn up after widespread consultation, specifies the need for a large retail store in Hodge Hill.
He said: "As both sites lie within the regeneration area outlined in the Kirklees Unitary Development Plan, it seems a natural step to create employment space for the retention and growth of local and regional businesses.
A design and access statement setting out reasons for the development said: "The majority of the site was allocated as a Housing Development Site in the Unitary Development Plan adopted in February 2000 but was not brought to development because of restrictions on development in west Wirral, which were lifted in October 2012.