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USNMUnited States National Museum (now National Museum of Natural History; Smithsonian Institution; Washington, DC)
USNMUS New Mexico Federal Credit Union
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Because of Goode, the United States National Museum ultimately became "the major repository of the material, documentary, and graphic record of the nation's history, culture, and technology.
Bronner, in "Object Lessons: The Work of Ethnological Museums and collections" further explored the idea that Goode's museum evoked moralistic and patriotic principles; he also exposed the evolutionary ideas that formed the basis of the ethnographic exhibits in the United States National Museum.
This impersonal hegemony was and is delivered through the forms of leisure commodities, which do much to shape leisure practices" (11) This article shows that George Brown Goode exerted such influence by "naturalizing" consumer goods into the United States National Museum, providing an example for other cultural institutions.
Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries, and first director of the United States National Museum.
These formed the core collections of a new museum, named the United States National Museum.
Tim paso mucho tiempo examinando muestras de mamiferos de America Central en colecciones como las del Field Museum, American Museum of Natural History, United States National Museum, y British Museum of Natural History, en donde era bien conocido por los curadores.
Williams of the Division of Ichthyology at the United States National Museum of Natural History for attempting to find and specifically identify the 10 specimens of pupfish from Laguna Santa Maria, Chihuahua (USNM 50511).
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