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UTUUnited Transportation Union
UTUUniversity of Turku, Finland
UTUUsb to Usb
UTUUser to User
UTUUlster Teachers Union (UK)
UTUUniversity of Teesside (Students') Union
UTUUniversity Teachers Union (Japan)
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"You've got 380 inspectors for over 1 million cars and 300,000 miles of track," notes the United Transportation Union's Brunkenhoefer.
There was only one disaffiliation from the AFL-CIO between 1985 and 1994, that of the United Transportation Union effective April 1, 1986.
Endorsements: Associated Oregon Industries; Human Rights Campaign; National Rifle Association; Oregon Medical Association; Oregon Farm Bureau; Oregon Right To Life; Oregon State Sheriffs Association; Oregonians for Food and Shelter; Oregon Veterans Association; Oregon State Fire Fighters Association; Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council; United Transportation Union; Papermill Local 1171.
A 2--1/2-year dispute that culminated in a 2-day work stoppage ended when negotiators for the Long Island Rail Road--the Nation's largest commuter rail service--and the United Transportation Union signed a 3-year collective bargaining agreement covering some 2,300 conductors, track and train workers, car repair workers, bartenders, and maintenance-of-way supervisors.
223) created to hear a dispute between the Long Island Rail Road and the United Transportation Union recently issued its report.
By a narrow margin, members of the United Transportation Union voted recently to accept a tentative agreement with Amtrak, the rederally operated passenger rail cartier.
219, which was established to report on the 1-day nationwide railroad stoppage last April, the Illinois Central Railroad and the United Transportation Union, which represents the carrier's 1,000 conductors and brakemen, agreed to cut the size of train crews.
Negotiators for the United Transportation Union and CSX Transportation, Inc.
(The other unions that are signatories to the agreement are the Machinists, Electrical Workers (IBEW), Operating Engineers, Office and Professional Employees, and United Transportation Union.) The new contract replaces one that was scheduled to expire June 30, 1990.
Other unions brought into the federation since his inauguration in 1979 include the Auto Workers, the United Transportation Union, the Locomotive Engineers, the Teamsters, and the Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union.
The railroads' long-standing drive to improve their competitive position by reducing employment was boosted when CSX Transportation and the United Transportation Union agreed to cut one of the two brakeman jobs from train crews on about one-third of CSX's system.
The New Jersey Transit System and its largest union, the United Transportation Union, negotiated a 7-year contract th >;at was expected to lead management and leaders of 10 other unions to add 3 years to their recently negotiated 4-year contracts scheduled to expire in June 1989.
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