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UPFUniversitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain)
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UPFUnified Power Format (IEEE standard)
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UPFUniversal Peace Federation (formerly Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace)
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UPFUnity Productions Foundation
UPFUnited People's Front (Nepal)
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UPFUnity Power Factor (electrical engineering)
UPFUnidade de Protecção da Força (Portuguese: Force Protection Unit)
UPFUnderperform (finance)
UPFUrban Parks Forum (est. 1999)
UPFUnited Plastic Fabricating, Inc. (North Andover, MA)
UPFUniversity Police Force (University of the Philippines)
UPFUnited Peace Federation
UPFUn-Plug Fest (Bluetooth)
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The experimental studies show that classical control systems proportional integral (PI) controller and proportional integral derivative (PID) controller can achieve to approximately designate the excitation current of SM under variable reactive power demand, however the artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithms precisely converge the excitation current value performing the unity power factor [6, 9, 15-17].
The UCC28056 can drive a PFC power stage up to 300 W, ensuring sinusoidal line input current with low distortion and keeping the IC close to a unity power factor while maintaining the PFC as always on.
the hybrid inverter fed induction motor drive has ensured the high power factor of about 0.95 which nearly a unity power factor and also improves the performance of the system.
The proposed vector-control technique has been used in this paper to extract maximum power from the wind turbine under three different control strategies (Betz and Jovanovic 2000), namely; (1) power-winding unity power factor, (2) minimum converter current and (3) minimum copper losses.
First goal is important for cost effective unity power factor compensation including a basic capacitor and an active compensator.
The employed control system regulates the three-phase currents, [i.sub.a], [i.sub.b], and [i.sub.c], to achieve unity power factor and to regulate the dc-link voltage [V.sub.D1] at a reference voltage equal to the transformer turns ratio multiplied by the battery voltage [V.sub.B].
In the rest of the World, the WPPs deliver power at the point of common coupling at unity power factor only.
The simulation results show that the integrated PCC, PLL, and band-stop filter can achieve fast dynamic response, low Total Harmonics Distortion (THD) of grid voltage and current, and unity power factor.
"Unity power factor is, for example, something that's very
Furthermore, near unity power factor is obtained for a wide range of DTCIMD operation.
The drives exceed the requirements of EN 61000-3-12 and IEEE519 and offer genuine unity power factor with no compensation needed.
The active current component (d-axis) of the G-VSC is used to regulate the DC bus voltage of the PV system, whereas the reactive current component (q-axis) is used to ensure that the system injects reactive power at approximately unity power factor. The general operation of the PV system has to follow the regulations stated in the IEEE 1547 and UL1741, which states that the PV inverter is only allowed to inject power at unity power factor [26].
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