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UEUnión Europea (Spanish: European Union)
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UEUnione Europea
UEUnia Europejska (Polish: European Union)
UEUnion Européenne
UEUnião Europeia
UEUniversity of the East
UEUniversity of the East (Manila, Philippines)
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UEUniunea Europeana (Romanian: European Union)
UEUnité d'Enseignement (French: academic subjects)
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UEUnit of Employment
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UEUnified Endeavor (military simulation exercise)
UEUniversal Exports (James Bond movie)
UEUnderlying Event
UEUnity of the Empire (descendant of a qualified United Empire Loyalists)
UEUnified Engagement (joint wargame)
UEUniform Elongation
UEUltimate Elektra (comic)
UEUrban Eye
UEUrbaniste de l'Etat (French: Planner of the State)
UEMember of the United Empire Loyalists
UEUnited Endeavor
UEUnit Exhausted
UEUnité d'Endotoxine (French: Endotoxin Unit)
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But its inability to extend its rule beyond its eastern and western provinces would eventually encourage breakaway states, threaten the unity of the empire and eventually lead to its dissolution.
Those Loyalists who have adhered to the unity of the Empire, and joined the Royal Standard before the Treaty of Separation in the year 1783, and all their children, and their descendants, by either sex, are to be distinguished by the following capitals affixed to their names "U.E." Alluding to their great principle the Unity of the Empire.
The Byzantine Empire punished the Jews who helped the Persians and rejected the Monophysits, who preferred the Muslim Rule, contributing to the religious unity of the Empire.
Kangxi is glorified for causing Galdan's demise and achieving unity of the empire. Perdue argues that Qing historians distorted historical documents to produce an idealized image of the emperor of China as a conqueror of Central Asia.
For our purpose, a qualifying Loyalist was "A resident, as of April 19, 1775, of one of the colonies that declared themselves independent of Great Britain, who joined the Royal Standard before the treaty of Separation in the year 1783, or otherwise demonstrated loyalty, to the Crown during the American Revolution, and who, through adherence to the great principle of the Unity of the Empire, departed from the newly established republic and settled in territory remaining under the rule of the Crown" or "A soldier who served during the American Revolutionary War in a Loyalist Regiment, (i.e.
The settlement was flawed from the beginning, for the British had two inconsistent goals-the satisfaction of the loyal Protestants of Northern Ireland and the preservation of the unity of the empire. Certain tensions persisted.
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