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UCSUnified Computing System (Cisco)
UCSUniversal Character Set
UCSUnion of Concerned Scientists
UCSUAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) Control Station
UCSUniversal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set
UCSUniversidade de Caxias do Sul (Brazil)
UCSUniversity of Connecticut, Storrs (Storrs, CT)
UCSUniversal Computer System
UCSUnivention Corporate Server
UCSUser Control System
UCSUniversity Computing Service
UCSUniversal Multiple Octet Coded Character Set
UCSUser Coordinate Systems
UCSUnicode Character System
UCSUnified Communications Services
UCSUnicode Complex Scripts Support
UCSUniform Communications Standard
UCSUniversal Communications Systems
UCSUniversal Connection System
UCSUniversity Campus Suffolk (Ipswich, UK)
UCSUpper Cervical Spine
UCSUser Coordinate System
UCSUnconfined Compressive Strength
UCSUnconditioned Stimulus
UCSUniversity Counselling Service (various locations)
UCSUnit Cell Size
UCSUniversal Control System
UCSUnified Command System
UCSUtica Community Schools (Michigan)
UCSUniversity College School (London, England)
UCSUnified Communications System
UCSUNMIK (UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo) Customs Service
UCSUnited Civilized States
UCSUniaxial Compressive Strength
UCSUniversity Computer System
UCSUniform Communication Standard
UCSUniform Chromaticity Scale
UCSUnified Command Suite
UCSUnión Cívica Solidaridad (Bolivia, Civic Solidarity Union)
UCSUnified Communications Service
UCSUniversity Computer Services
UCSUniversal Connectivity System (network connectivity and monitoring)
UCSUniversal Classification System
UCSUtilities Control System (software)
UCSUniversal Computer Services (Johannesburg, South Africa)
UCSUnicode Conversion Support
UCSUniversal Component System
UCSUniversal Chassis System
UCSUltimate Collector's Series (Lego)
UCSUnified Coding System
UCSUniversal Coordinate System
UCSUnited Cyber Squad (gaming)
UCSUnited Christmas Service
UCSUniversal Card Service (AT&T)
UCSUniversal Cabling System
UCSUniversal Card Slot
UCSUnited Container Systems
UCSUniversal Camera Site
UCSUnitrade Specialized Canada Catalog (philatelic catalog)
UCSUniversal Communication Standards
UCSUnderwater Combat System
UCSUncommanded Slats Deployment (aviation)
UCSUniversal Carrier Services
UCSUniversal Carrier Services (Nortel)
UCSUpon Close Scrutiny
UCSUConn (University of Connecticut) Conference Services (Storrs, CT)
UCSUniversal Communications Systems, Incorporated
UCSUp Center Stage
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On the universal control system's three wide-screen monitors, engineers have expanded the operators' field of view from the typical 14 degrees to 120 degrees, by creating a synthetic environment that places the video in context of a larger geographic area.
After the customer selects a manufacturer, a universal control system and unique software can be developed for the customer's reciprocating engines, gas turbines and remote station control throughout its pipeline.
These include the driver's stand, universal control systems, plus the platform's rollers and turning systems.
Their titles were: Soil manipulation; Irrigation and drainage engineering for crop production; Engineering for crops-protected crops; Advances in dairy engineering; Housed livestock; Livestock handling and transport; Animal waste engineering; Mechanised systems - the replacement problem; Power utilization - in tractors; Tractor mechanisms and systems; Harvesting technology for forage crops and seed crops; Crop conditioning research - potatoes and cereal grains; Storage of perishables, Cleaning, grading, inspection of packaging; Food process engineering; An introduction to the application of information technology to agriculture; Sensors; Universal control systems - an internationally accepted approach; and Robotics in agriculture and food production.
Type Sbrp-25-4 Of Make M/S.Sirveen Control System Or Equivalent Make Of Universal Control Systems Hyd.Or Hi-Tech Electronic, Hyd Only
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