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USBUniversal Serial Bus
USBUniversidad Simon Bolivar (Venezuela)
USBUnione Sindacale di Base (Italian: Basic Trade Union)
USBUnited Soybean Board
USBUnited Sexy Boys (music group)
USBUnion Savings Bank (various locations)
USBUniversity of Stellenbosch Business (South Africa)
USBUnited Security Bancshares
USBUser Support Branch
USBUniversal Synchronous Bus
USBUpper Side Band
USBUltimate Sound Bank
USBUpper Sideband
USBUS Beverage (Stamford, CT)
USBUnified S-Band (satellite technology)
USBUnited Southern Bank (formerly Umatilla State Bank)
USBUrban Service Boundary
USBUnteres Seitenband (German: lower sideband)
USBUniversity of Sistan and Baluchestan (Zahedan, Iran)
USBUnified Security Budget
USBUnsporting Behaviour (soccer)
USBUniwersytet Stefana Batorego (Polish: Stephen Batory University; former Polish name of Vilnius University)
USBUnion of Scientists in Bulgaria (est. 1944)
USBUsage Sensitive Billing
USBUpflow Sludge Bed
USBUltrasound-Guided Aspiration Biopsy
USBUser Sensitive Billing
USBUnicode Subset Bitfield
USBUser's Support Branch
USBUniversity At Stonybrook (SUNY)
USBUniversity Star Building
USBUnion Sportive de Brillon (French: Brillon Sports Union; Brillon, France)
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There is specified by the internal structure of the Universal Serial Bus Musical Instruments Digital Interface device, and further detailed description is contained in descriptors, which are part of the configuration structure.
dUQx utiliza una conexion USB 1.1 de 1.5 Mbps (Universal Serial Bus Group, 2007) que permite frecuencias de muestreo de hasta 10 kHz usando bloques de datos, o de 349 Hz para una unica muestra; el software de control de dUQx es de facil utilizacion e instalacion y es distribuido de forma gratuita bajo la licencia GPL (Smith, 2009) para los sistemas operativos Windows[R], Linux[R] y QNX Neutrino[R]; en el caso de Windows[R] se provee un sencillo toolbox para MATLAB[R].
Thumb drives use a technology called the Universal Serial Bus (USB).
The Universal Serial Bus - USB - is the most popular way of connecting your peripherals to the PC.
To address this new technology, PCMCIA developed a new standard for hot swappable systems and modules that dramatically improves the I/O performance of both desktop and notebook computers by supporting both the PCI Express and Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 standard.
They attach to a computer via ultrafast USB (universal serial bus).
Although thin client devices usually don't have floppy or CD drives, most of them boast Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports designed to receive a keyboard or mouse.
The ZIP-LINQ Mini Optical Mouse ($21.99; above, middle) is also considerably smaller than standard computer mice and connects to any computer with a universal serial bus (USB) port through a retractable cord.
The modem connects with any computer equipped with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) or Ethernet interface.
USB Audio is a new category of portable audio devices that connect via universal serial bus (USB) ports on most personal computers as a default, Sony said.
IOGEAR, Inc., headquartered in Irvine, CA, is a connectivity and peripheral manufacturer that provides complete KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse), FireWire 400/800, USB (Universal Serial Bus) 1.1/2.0, Bluetooth and HomePlug solutions, targeting home users, mobile users and small to medium sized businesses.
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