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Securian Financial Group has launched a new product that may provide a faster, easier and more flexible experience for financial professionals and clients seeking indexed universal life insurance coverage, the company said.
But indexed universal life insurance sales maintained an upward momentum amid industry concerns about a 2015 state-based regulatory guideline governing the product line.
While some advisors may think that they know all they need to know about indexed universal life, today's rapidly evolving market environment has created an enhanced need for advisors to not only know the ins and outs of the product features, but also whether an indexed universal life insurance product is the right fit for the individual client's retirement planning needs.
According to American General, ContinUL universal life insurance offers affordable death benefit coverage with secondary guarantees and flexible features that allow for customization.
Although insurers offer several options, financial experts recommend two products: variable universal life insurance, which combines life insurance with a policyholder-driven investment component; and traditional whole life insurance, which offers guaranteed returns and fixed premium payments.
In addition, the various credits and charges within universal life insurance do not function in isolation from one another, but rather interact to produce the cash value.
Trustmark Voluntary Benefit Solutions has launched a series of universal life insurance plans that also provide long-term-care coverage.
Q What is a universal life insurance policy and what are the details of how it works?
Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating a subsidiary concerning the suitability of its sales of universal life insurance policies.
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