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UBUniversitat de Barcelona
UBUniversity of Baltimore
UBUniversity at Buffalo
UBUniversitätsbibliothek (German: university library)
UBUniversity of Buffalo
UBUniversity of Belize
UBUpward Bound (federally funded high school program)
UBUniversity of Bridgeport
UBUniversity of Botswana
UBUltimate Bias (Korean pop)
UBUnited Breweries (India)
UBUniversidad de Belgrano
UBSouthall (postcode, United Kingdom)
UBUpper Bound
UBUniversitas Brawijaya (Indonesian university)
UBUniversité de Bourgogne (French: University of Burgundy)
UBUrinary Bladder
UBUniversity of Birmingham (UK)
UBUrantia Book
UBUniversal Binaries
UBUnion Bay (clothing company)
UBUnacceptable Behavior
UBUncle Ben's (rice)
UBUnterbezirk (part of Social Democratic Party of Germany)
UBUncle Bob
UBUlster Bank
UBUniversitaetsbibliothek Basel
UBUniversiteits Bibliotheek
UBUniversity of Bremen (Germany)
UBUnaccompanied Baggage
UBUniversité de Bordeaux (French: University of Bordeaux)
UBUndefined Behavior
UBUnexpected Behavior
UBUreteric Bud
UBUniversal Beam
UBMyanmar Airways (IATA airline code)
UBUniversal Banking
UBUnderbog (gaming, World of Warcraft)
UBUniversity of Baguio
UBUnlimited Budget
UBUndistributed Budget
UBUniversal Bus
UBUnique Browser (internet)
UBUngerman Bass
UBUnknown Beyond (anime site)
UBUnlicensed Band
UBUrner Barry Publications, Inc.
UBUncle Bonsai (Seattle rock band)
UBUniversity Bursaries (New Zealand)
UBUnison Bend (guitar playing technique)
UBUnified Build (NTCS-A)
UBUnderwater Battery
UBUltimate Battlestations (canceled D20 Star Wars Roleplaying sourcebook)
UBUnited Brewaries Ltd. (India)
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For countless ages it had rolled up and down its countless miles of shore, and yet today it remained all unknown beyond the tiny strip that was visible from its beaches.
"You always have been curious, sir, about the great unknown beyond thirty," he said.
He has been a second Fenelon, unknown beyond the narrow limits of a country parish, and by some secret of his own has infused a spirit of brotherliness and of charity among these folk that has made them almost like one large family.
Unlike China's internationally celebrated dissidents, these activists were often unknown beyond their communities.
During the Blitz, she stood on the Playhouse roof, shouting 'Don't you dare bomb my theatre.' .' But while something of a local legend, she is almost entirely unknown beyond Merseyside.
Two chapters, "The 1980s Italian horror cinema of imitation: the good, the ugly and the sequel" by Stefano Baschiera, and "Knowing the unknown beyond: 'Italianate' and 'Italian' horror cinema in the twenty-first century" by Jonny Walker, lay further groundwork for understanding Italian horror as a concept, discussing imitations of films within the era by other Italian directors and post-2000 Italian horror respectively.
The Beijing-based company, led by Wang Xing, is almost unknown beyond its home country.
'Direct correlation between funding and numbers of firefighters' Budgets are reducing - by PS2m in the next two years, with funding arrangements unknown beyond that.
In those never-ending days of summer we'd bid farewell to our mums at first light (well, about half past nine) and head into the unknown beyond the top field and not return until hunger set in and the last of the liquorice water had been drunk.
Memories from her earliest days reemerge; a damning vial reveals dark secrets; an intricately crafted blue bead tumbles into her life from the unknown beyond. Jena begins to wonder: are there other ways?
Outer space or the great unknown beyond our planet has fascinated people for centuries.
All parties involved, except BNYM, have been anonymised in the Order so that the nationality of the foreign public officials and the SWF is publicly unknown beyond being described as 'Middle Eastern'.