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UEUnión Europea (Spanish: European Union)
UEUniversity of Evansville (Evansville, IN)
UEUser Equipment
UEUnione Europea
UEUnia Europejska (Polish: European Union)
UEUnion Européenne
UEUnião Europeia
UEUniversity of the East
UEUniversity of the East (Manila, Philippines)
UEUrban Exploration
UEUniunea Europeana (Romanian: European Union)
UEUnité d'Enseignement (French: academic subjects)
UEUser Experience
UEUpper Extremity
UEUnited Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America
UEUser Error
UEUniversity of Edinburgh (UK)
UEUsability Engineering
UEUnited Empire (Loyalist - American Revolution)
UEUnreal Engine
UEUniversity Entrance (examination)
UEUnknown Enemy (gaming)
UEUse of English
UEUnion Electric (Missouri)
UEUnited Express (airline)
UEUnusual Event (safety and emergency planning)
UEUnit of Employment (US Army)
UEUnit of Employment
UEUnit Equipment
UEUnited Earth (Star Trek government)
UEUniversal English (Adobe)
UEUnified Endeavor (military simulation exercise)
UEUnified Endeavor
UEUniversal Exports (James Bond movie)
UEUnderlying Event
UEUnity of the Empire (descendant of a qualified United Empire Loyalists)
UEUnified Engagement (joint wargame)
UEUniform Elongation
UEUltimate Elektra (comic)
UEUrban Eye
UEUrbaniste de l'Etat (French: Planner of the State)
UEMember of the United Empire Loyalists
UEUnited Endeavor
UEUnit Exhausted
UEUnité d'Endotoxine (French: Endotoxin Unit)
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References in classic literature ?
Some unknown enemy -- an invisible foe -- has done this."
With each chapter of the game unlocked, the players are also treated to more of the story, where an unknown enemy seeks to destroy the delicate peace between humans and monsters.
The trailer opens with a dirt-streaked and bloodied Arya Stark running away from an unknown enemy, through the halls of Winterfall, but she seems to be baiting him, instead of fleeing from her adversary.
'But how can we win a war against an unknown enemy? It is invisible and seemingly invincible as well.
How do you attack an unknown enemy in an unknown location?" Trident is a relic of the Cold War and of no use in the fight against 21st-century cyber-attacks.
Administrative detention is the unknown enemy facing the Palestinian prisoners.
A year has now passed, but the Palestinian flare-up has managed to increase fear and anxiety among wide sections of Israelis and their government, as the Zionist state faces an "unknown enemy".
AS soon as the door shut behind her on entering No 10, Theresa May will have been taken aside by Sir Nicholas Houghton, Chief of the Defence Staff, and asked to handwrite four letters to the commanders of the submarines hidden away at the bottom of the sea that continuously protect the United Kingdom from an unknown enemy.
The Army Operating Concept--Win in a Complex World--describes an Army that must operate in a future unknown environment, against an unknown enemy in an unknown location, as part of an unknown coalition, yet must still provide multiple options to national leaders while simultaneously presenting the enemy with multiple dilemmas across multiple domains.
In his novel, a troop of black soldiers are forcibly taken from their homes and families, sent to a strange land, and obliged to fight a fierce war with an unknown enemy where the inevitable death is the only alternative for hesitation.
Soon after rescuing Sanda from a basement torture chamber all too reminiscent of her own previous situation, Charlotte begins finding threatening messages addressed to her old name left in her locked apartment by an unknown enemy. Piper is brave and resourceful but also scarred and traumatized by years of physical and emotional abuse from which she has only recently escaped.
The immediate national reaction was one of "confusion, denial and fear as this was an unknown enemy".