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ULFUltra Low Frequency (300-3000 Hz; 1,000-100 km)
ULFUltra Low Frequency
ULFUniversal Location Framework
ULFUnited Leukodystrophy Foundation
ULFUniversite de Technologie et de Sciences Appliquees Libano-Francaise (French: Lebanese-French University of Technology and Applied Sciences; Lebanon)
ULFUltra-Low-Floor (tramway)
ULFUltra Large Format
ULFUkrainian Legal Foundation
ULFUnknown Life Form
ULFUnified Look and Feel
ULFUnit Load Former (machine which loads cases and shrinkwraps them together)
ULFUn-Lock then Firing (STRPN transition)
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For as much as the Enterprise crews were supposedly scouring the universe for unknown life forms, much of what they found functioned as a sort of looking glass into the uncharted territory of their own psyches or unconscious.