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UFOUnidentified Flying Object
UFOUnified Film Organization
UFOUndefined Fantastic Object (video game)
UFOUnobtrusive Flash Objects
UFOUnited Future Organisation
UFOUnfinished Object
UFOUnidentified Floating Object
UFOUltra High Frequency Follow-On (Navy satellite program)
UFOUtah Festival Opera
UFOUn Finished Object (related to crafts; knitting, quilting, etc.)
UFOUltimate Frisbee Organization
UFOUnleaded Fuel Only
UFOUnidentified Foreign Object
UFOUnited Front Organization
UFOUnited Fraggers Order (gaming clan)
UFOUHF Follow-On satellite
UFOUniversal Fibre Optics (consortium)
UFOUntil Further Order(s)
UFOUnited Flying Octogenarians
UFOUnidentified Fried Object (cafeteria slang)
UFOUnavoidable Family Outing (Dave Hackett book)
UFOUnderwater Flying Object (from the movie 'The Abyss')
UFOUnbelievably Fun Object (Megatech RC toy)
UFOUlead File Object (file extension)
UFOUnion Food Outlet
UFOUniversal Freight Organisation (Hampshire, England, UK)
UFOUSB FireWire Organizer
UFOUnfolding and Partial Order Techniques (workshop)
UFOUnified Font Object (XML-based font format)
UFOUbiquitous Findable Object
UFOUnidentified Flowing Orifice (House; TV show)
UFOUnidentified Floral Organs (Arabidopsis thaliana F-box protein)
UFOUnfertilized Oocyte
UFOUn-Filled Orders
UFOUnidentified FMS Order
UFOUniversal Friendship Organization (Manipur)
UFOUser Files On-Line
UFOUtregse Frisbee Organisation
UFOUpgrade from Offline