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All comments will be considered confidential unless otherwise directed.
Should residents choose to leave, their animals should remain inside unless otherwise directed.
Morgan said unless otherwise directed by the government, England would go.
best interest, and that therefore, unless otherwise directed by the court, the guardian intends to perform her duties under the assumption that J.
Sheriff Reid said: "I will defer sentence and make it a condition Mr Stewart enters ward 19 of Falkirk Royal Infirmary and remains there unless otherwise directed.
Services provided by the Consultant shall comply with the LAP requirements, FDOT manuals, procedures, and memorandums in effect as of the date of execution of the Task Order unless otherwise directed in writing by the County.
The execution of the resolution subject of this appeal is hereby stayed during the pendency of the appeal unless otherwise directed by this Office, the Palace order stated.
Eslami recommends having your first colonoscopy around age 50 and then every 10 years afterward, unless otherwise directed by your doctor.
Engage in moderately intense exercise for 30 minutes a day, five days a week, unless otherwise directed by your doctor.