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UODUnified Object Type Descriptor
UODUniversity of Durham (UK)
UODUniverse of Discourse
UODUnderstanding Our Differences (est. 1978; Newton, MA)
UODUniform of the Day
UODUltimate Oxygen Demand
UODUnit Of Delivery
UODUser-Owned Device
UODUnless Otherwise Directed
UODUser-Oriented Design
UODUnsecured Overdraft (banking)
UODUnexploded Ordnance Disposal
UODUnit of Destruction (gaming clan)
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Unless otherwise directed by HM Revenue and Customs, UK letting agents are required to deduct basic rate tax from all their rental receipts.
*Patients who have been prescribed telithromycin and are not experiencing side effects such as jaundice should continue taking their medicine as prescribed unless otherwise directed by their healthcare provider.
Notes: CSWR = conversation specifications and work requirements, bean rag = pennant flag signifying crew is having a meal, splice the mainbrace means the officially-sanctioned serving of liquor onboard, unodir = unless otherwise directed, seadu = sea duty.
All comments will be considered confidential unless otherwise directed. Comments should be forwarded to Norman E.
Unless otherwise directed, try to keep all residents inside their units.
Morgan said unless otherwise directed by the government, England would go.
Jarrell concluded, "It is the guardian's belief that completing the pregnancy/delivering the child is in J.D.S.' best interest, and that therefore, unless otherwise directed by the court, the guardian intends to perform her duties under the assumption that J.D.S.
Sheriff Reid said: "I will defer sentence and make it a condition Mr Stewart enters ward 19 of Falkirk Royal Infirmary and remains there unless otherwise directed.
The security fencing will be along the NIR boundary unless otherwise directed by the NIR project manager.
"I would recommend avoiding all OTC medications unless otherwise directed by a veterinarian.
The execution of the resolution subject of this appeal is hereby stayed during the pendency of the appeal unless otherwise directed by this Office, the Palace order stated.
Eslami recommends having your first colonoscopy around age 50 and then every 10 years afterward, unless otherwise directed by your doctor.