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UOIUnit of Interchange
UOIUniversity of Illinois
UOIUniversity of Iowa
UOIUnion Of Ontario Indians
UOIUnit of Inquiry (education)
UOIUnit Of Issue
UOIUniversité de l'Océan Indien (French: University of the Indian Ocean; educational program; various locations)
UOIUrban Outfitters, Inc.
UOIUnless Otherwise Instructed
UOIUtilities Operating Instruction
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Now the official message to RaceTech is to provide a feed unless otherwise instructed.
The Division of Procurement is the sole point of contact for this solicitation unless otherwise instructed herein.
Passengers are allowed to use their PEDs from gate to gate unless otherwise instructed by a crewmember.
The new policy will allow JetBlue customers to use smart phones, tablets, games and other smaller electronic devices at any time during taxi, takeoff and during flight, unless otherwise instructed by a crewmember.
Apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before exposure, use liberally and, unless otherwise instructed, re-apply the preparation every two to three hours and after swimming.
Also, the fund said that this stock distribution will automatically be paid in its newly issued shares unless otherwise instructed by the shareholder.
The Contractor Shall Supply All Dumpsters As Listed On Attachment 2 Unless Otherwise Instructed By The University.
Unless otherwise instructed, the successful bidder shall be responsible for preparation of the job site and clean-up of work or services performed.
Further, the company said that this distribution will automatically be paid in its newly issued shares, unless otherwise instructed by the shareholder, at a value lower that the net asset value or market price on the pricing date, 22 June 2015.
Advertising Unless Otherwise Instructed In Writing.
Note 1: All work done by the Contractor must be in accordance with the South Carolina Department of Transportation 2007 Standard Specification for Highway Construction unless otherwise instructed by Lexington County Department of Public Works.
unless otherwise instructed by the City Parks & Recreation Department.