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UBUltimate Bias (Korean pop)
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UBUniversitaetsbibliothek Basel
UBUniversiteits Bibliotheek
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UBUnexpected Behavior
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UBUndistributed Budget
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UBUngerman Bass
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UBUnlicensed Band
UBUrner Barry Publications, Inc.
UBUncle Bonsai (Seattle rock band)
UBUniversity Bursaries (New Zealand)
UBUnison Bend (guitar playing technique)
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UBUltimate Battlestations (canceled D20 Star Wars Roleplaying sourcebook)
UBUnited Brewaries Ltd. (India)
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Feng, "Channel occupancy cognition based adaptive channel access and backoff scheme for LTE system on unlicensed band," in Proceedings of the IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC '16), pp.
To begin with, MBS broadcasts current price information to all SBSs firstly, then each SBS allocates the traffic load in licensed and unlicensed band via appropriate power allocation in the sequel, considering the traffic flow payment charged by MBS in licensed band.
Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology brings essential interference rejection capabilities to the strand-mount application, delivering unrivaled performance in the unlicensed bands.
B_unlic and B_local are weak, meaning that the local area operators and the unlicensed band have a smaller role.
It was also assumed that operational and capital expenditures per base station are similar for equipment operating in the licensed as well as the unlicensed band. Table 6 lists the results of the traditional discounted cash flow valuation at the end of five years.
And it operates in the unlicensed band, so citizens don't need to have a license, like the 3G companies do, to operate.
The unlicensed band of fixed wireless is beginning to enjoy some rather impressive gains in the market capturing broadband subscribers, especially in the tier two and three markets using the 802.11 wireless standard.
The report concludes that TDD is more applicable then FDD in point-to-multipoint deployments, and that FHSS system deployment will account for 74 percent of the Unlicensed band deployments by 2005.
Combining the 4.9 GHz band with the 2.4 GHz unlicensed band allows municipalities to address the needs of both government and commercial users with a single deployment.
The module operates in the 902-928 unlicensed band, and it provides as many as 84 channels.