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UBUnlimited Budget
UBUndistributed Budget
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UBUniversity Bursaries (New Zealand)
UBUnison Bend (guitar playing technique)
UBUnified Build (NTCS-A)
UBUnderwater Battery
UBUltimate Battlestations (canceled D20 Star Wars Roleplaying sourcebook)
UBUnited Brewaries Ltd. (India)
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Pletcher also saddles Kentucky Oaks third Unlimited Budget under Rosie Napravnik, who is looking to emulate Julie Krone, the only women to ride the winner of a Triple Crown race thanks to her 1993 Belmont success on Colonial Affair.
Bielema, who will consider hiring from the existing staff first, won't have an unlimited budget on what he can spend.
What I would say, instead of toting the Scots in this manner, our Government should say to the Scots, OK, vote for your independence, take control of everything within your economy and see how you can fund free student places for everyone, free respite care for everyone, an unlimited budget for advertising Scotland as a holiday destination.
In the theatre of the mind there's an unlimited budget, but nothing shows up the cracks in a format like studio lights and those embarrassed looks from certain guests.
I have experience of winning championships and of fighting relegation with Queen of the South plus I have worked with a tight budget, with a pretty-much unlimited budget and even with no money at all
It appears that the owners gave Nicklaus a free hand with the design on almost unlimited space and unlimited budget, as the estate sprawls across 1,500 acres of beautifully wooded and open rolling parkland--any golf course architect's dream come true.
The Pro version ($399) support unlimited budget and shoot days.
Of course, with an unlimited budget this would be no problem, but Mark and Kathryn have a tough job ensuring they can deliver the edgy, eclectic look the young couple are after.
Unfortunately, we don't have an unlimited budget, and sometimes that means we have to make tough decisions on where precious resources are used.
They are handed an unlimited budget to build a bulletproof house with a fully outfitted lab firehouse pole and shooting gallery.
With travel abroad and an unlimited budget out of our reach, finding 12 brand spanking new ways of passing the time takes a capacity for imagination greater than that of 27 five-year-olds given only a cardboard box to play with.