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QQ (character from Star Trek the Next Generation)
QQueen (chess)
QQuality Factor
QQuick (flash; nautical navigation)
QQueensland (Australia)
QCharge (physics)
QParcel Post (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
QQuestionable (player's likelihood of participating)
QQwest Communications International Inc. (stock abbreviation, AMEX)
QCardiac Output
QQuebec (aviation letter code)
QGlutamine (amino acid)
QDrone (US military aircraft designation; as in Q-3)
QQuaker State (motor oil)
QQuetzalcoatl (the movie Q)
QUnmanned Aerial Vehicle (US Military aerospace vehicle)
QSquall (weather reports)
QQ code (see Radio Operators' Handbook)
QQuaque (Latin: each, every; used in medical prescriptions)
QUnknown Variable
QAphelion Distance (astronomy)
QQu'ran (the Koran)
QQuadrillion BTU (same As Quads)
QMajor Boothroyd (James Bond's armourer)
QFairchild Aircraft Division (US Navy)
QConstant Phase Element (impedance spectra)
QStinson Aircraft Corporation (US Navy)
QSet of Rational Numbers (math)
QBristol Aeronautical Corporation (US Navy aircraft designation)
QElectronic Countermeasures Missions (US Navy)
QRanger-Lark Division (US Navy)
QStream flow or discharge (geologic term)
QUnit of Dynamic Pressure
QName of alien character (Star Trek NG and Star Trek Voyager TV program)
QQuality measurement of a tuned circuit in electronics
QLong Chromosomal Arm (in humans; refers to autosomes 1-22)
QUS DoT tire speed rating (99 mph)
QSecond Heartbeat Wave
QPriority rating given to PWs (now 'Total care')
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The use of unmanned aerial vehicles for marine inspection has been carried out in two forms: (1) the prevention of scheduled inspections and the submission of marine offense data to the Surveillance Operations Center.
Development and application of an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle for precise aerobiological sampling above agricultural fields.
New Delhi: A report said India is one of the fastest-growing markets for unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as a drone, and one of the top UAV importers for military purposes worldwide.
microdrones was founded in Germany in 2005, with the launch of unmanned aerial vehicles. By integrating a UAS platform with the latest sensor, photogrammetry, photography, and data interpretation technology, microdrones has helped companies all over the world to make better business decisions.
Freas, an unmanned aerial vehicle maintainer assigned to Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron (VMU) 2, performs a preflight check on an RQ-21 A Blackjack in July 2015 at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C.
A TECHNOLOGY firm in China -- Pakistan's allweather ally -- has exposed Islamabad's claims about shooting down an" Indian" drone, revealing that the drone that was brought down was actually an unmanned aerial vehicle produced in China for ' recreational' uses.
International Resource News-June 24, 2015--Consumers Energy launches unmanned aerial vehicle
[USPRwire, Tue May 12 2015] This report offers readers insights into technological developments in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market, as well as detailed analysis of the changing preferences of military forces around the world.
"It means we can now offer UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) services, using some advanced technology.
SKY-FUTURES, a London based unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industrial inspection company, has recently spent time in the Middle East exhibiting at Adipec and meeting with new clients.
Turkey's National Intelligence Organisation instructed the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TE[pounds sterling]ByTAK) to work out a draft for a new unmanned aerial vehicle such as a Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle in September 2013.
In mid-April, Iran unveiled a number of indigenous military equipment, including a stealth unmanned aerial vehicle, two missile systems and a mobile electronic interception system, on the occasion of the country's Army Day.
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