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UNOUniversity of New Orleans (Louisiana)
UNOUniversity of Nebraska at Omaha (Omaha, NE)
UNOUnited Nations Office (various locations)
UNOUnited Nations Organization
UNOUniversal Network Objects
UNOUnary Operator
UNOUnited Nations Orchestra
UNOUnit Number (US DoD)
UNOUnited Neighborhood Organization
UNOUnless Noted Otherwise
UNOUnniloctium (hassium, element 108)
UNOUnión Nacional Opositora
UNOUnder, Not Over (various locations)
UNOUnidentified Noisy Object (band)
UNOUrology Nurses Online (journal)
UNOUniversal Networked Objects
UNOUnrestricted Natural Orbital
UNOUnidad Nacionalista Organizada (Spanish: Organized Nationalist Union; Guatemala)
UNOUniversal Network Operations
UNOUnified National O-Ring
UNOUltimate Neutrino Observatory
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of Greyhound Uno, who joined their family last August, has staggered Clare by his bravery.
Through the festival, Robert has personified UNO's strategic goal of civic engagement--bringing African-American community leaders to campus, screening films at North Omaha venues, and inviting high school students to UNO to experience first-hand, the festival and our campus.
Beth bynnag am hynny, does dim amheuaeth y byddai uno gyda Sir Benfro yn newydd go drychinebus i'r Gymraeg.
While the jury cleared Toyota of any liability, it awarded the victim's family $10 million in damages from Olga Belo, the driver of a Lexus who ran a stop light and struck Uno's Camry, causing it to swerve and lose control.
N K Minda, CMD, UNO MINDA, said on the occasion, "The current acquisition will push us in the top league of suppliers of automotive horns.
Si uno reflexiona silenciosamente sobre este simple ejemplo, se reconocera que asi es en todos los casos.
Rangel, the organization's CEO, served as co-chair of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's 2011 campaign, and UNO maintains relationships with aldermen across the city and legislators in the state's capital, many of whom attend public events at the network.
ema se' ta ie' yarketche e'ta i mila wi ke a ie' kak yane, pues uno con el ya-bebe entonces su tia-materna aquella no a eso parte puede-beber cuando ya hacen su ceremonia, aquella, la tia de el, no puede beber de eso, 4.
For example, when Uno finds the ideal place for his garden and home, there are 10 Moopaloops, 10 x 10 = 100 plants, 0 buildings, and 1 Snortlepig.
Agrego que escribir esta antologia fue dificil, porque "uno no es el mejor juez de uno mismo, por lo que yo debia escoger los cuentos que han pasado la prueba del tiempo; elegir entre 12 libros que guardo en la memoria e incluir algunos nuevos e ineditos".
Whether players like it or not, rules are rules and Uno settled the matter once and for all.