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425Unordered Collection (HTTP status code; obsolete, never used)
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"select in all possible ways an unordered collection of k atoms of type X and replace (repaint) them by atoms of type Y."
A challenge (C) is an unordered collection of sampled block indexes and jar is expected file for which storage server has to provide proof of possession.
Other parameters like block size, unordered collection of block indexes in challenge and number of blocks in challenge increase the impact on verification time because of the variable length of metadata.
Value lists were flat, either scales (values ranging from low to high) or unordered collections of terms, except for the JAVA concept hierarchy, which was a structured value list.
Square brackets indicate prime forms; curly brackets show unordered collections; and angled brackets designate ordered collections.
Unordered collections of intervals prevail over row forms.
In a single page of manuscript notes, Moevs outlines twelve-tone rows constructed from subsets of the initial ten pitch-classes, but these rows, again, remain unused.(2) On the other hand, the intervallic structure of the initial series of ten pcs - through the use of its subsets treated as unordered collections - continues to be a driving force throughout the music, generating both complete and incomplete statements of the full chromatic but always participating in a tightly atonal texture.