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Internet-based partner selection and risk for unprotected anal intercourse in sexual encounters among men who have sex with men: a meta-analysis of observational studies.
In view of the high biological risk associated with anal intercourse, unprotected anal intercourse is a risky behaviour that has been implicated in HIV transmission while the use of condoms has been shown to provide protection against sexually transmitted infections.
Prior research has shown that unprotected anal intercourse with regular partners is prevalent among MSM.
Eligibility requirements for the study included a minimum age of 18 years, self-reported methamphetamine use at least twice in the previous two months and self-reported unprotected anal intercourse with a nonprimary male partner in the previous two months.
10] IU/mL Unprotected anal intercourse No STI in previous 6 mo Proctitis Group sex (>2 persons) Yes Drug use Amyl nitrate only Characteristic Patient 2 Patient 3 Age, y 41 39 Country of origin Ecuador Spain Date of HIV diagnosis 2000 Jul 1998 Year ART initiated 2000 2006 Prior negative HCV test Nonet Nonet Date AHC diagnosed May 2010 May 2010 CD4 count, cells/[micro]L 327 787 HIV viral load Undetectable Undetectable Symptoms at diagnosis Mild asthenia only No ALT/AST levels at AHC 304/216 222/114 diagnosis, U/L HCV genotype 4 1a HCV RNA load, IU/mL ([log.
Rates of unprotected anal intercourse were lower in five types of studies:
As part of a wider qualitative study on unprotected anal intercourse amongst homosexually active men with diagnosed HIV in England and Wales, 42 respondents were asked about their awareness of criminal prosecutions for the sexual transmission of HIV, and how (if at all) they had adapted their sexual behaviour as a result.
Unprotected anal intercourse among MSM not only increases their risk of HIV transmission, but ultimately the risk of their female partners and children (through mother-to-child transmission).
This has "made it impossible for gay men to admit openly to having unprotected anal intercourse even on occasion without .
This scoring system measures high-risk behavior defined strictly as unprotected anal intercourse.
In addition, recent seroconversions among gay men often involve receptive unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) with partners they knew to be HIV-positive at the time [1].
Of these 503 men, 48% reported having had unprotected anal intercourse during the past 6 months [3].