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UPSCUnion Public Service Commission (India)
UPSCUmea Plant Science Centre (est. 1999; Sweden)
UPSCUterine Papillary Serous Carcinoma
UPSCUrban Planning Society of China
UPSCUnrecognized Prior Service Cost
UPSCUniversal Primary School Completion
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GAAP is a function of at least five elements: service cost, interest cost, expected return on plan assets, amortization of unrecognized prior service cost (if any), and amortization of accumulated unrecognized gains and losses (if the unrecognized amount exceeds the corridor).
GAAP also includes unrecognized prior service cost in OCI and accumulated OCI.
Previous unrecognized prior service cost may consist of several layers, each with a different remaining amortization period.
132.) Traditional 12/31/99 Change in benefits obligation Balance--beginning of the year $21,589,000 Service cost 2,666,000 Interest cost 1,826,000 (Gain) loss 39,000 Plan amendments 0 Balance--end of the year $26,120,000 Change in fair value of plan assets Balance--beginning of the year $18,554,000 Actual return on plan assets 4,046,000 Balance--end of the year $22,600,000 Funded status: $ 5,131,000 Unrecognized transition obligation $ 1,062,000 Unrecognized prior service cost 0 Unrecognized net (gain)/loss 3,183,000 (Accrued)/prepaid pension cost $ 725,000 Components of net periodic pension cost Service cost $ 2,666,000 Interest cost 1,826,000 Expected return on plan assets (1,881,000 Amortization a.
However, the amount that can be recognized as an intangible asset is limited to the sum of certain "delayed recognition" items under Statement 87, specifically the unrecognized prior service costs and any unamortized transition obligation.
When the unrecognized prior service cost (UPSC) is greater than or equal to the EB ADL, then no contra equity account is required and any previous balance should be reversed.
However, since employee services continue to be rendered after the settlement, any unrecognized transition obligation and unrecognized prior service costs are not immediately recognized but continue to be amortized over time even after the company enters into a settlement.
In 2000 and 1999, an adjustment was made by the actuary that affected the 1999 unrecognized prior service costs and the unrecognized net gain.
In 1999 and 1998, an adjustment was made by the actuary that affected the 1998 unrecognized prior service costs and the unrecognized net gain.
Other items temporarily excluded from recognition as part of pension expense include unrecognized prior service costs (which stem from plan amendments that can make benefits more or less generous) and the transition obligation that existed when the relevant pension and OPEB accounting standards were put into effect.
The corresponding offset is an intangible asset rather than a charge against income to the extent that the plan has any unrecognized prior service costs or unamortized transition obligation.
These amounts are the unrecognized transition assets and obligations from the initial adoption of the pronouncement, unrecognized prior service costs, and the deferred gains and losses from actuarial experiences and plan asset performance.