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URSTUrban Studies
URSTUnresolved Sexual Tension (TV shows/dramas)
URSTUniversity Rank, Salary, and Tenure
URSTUniversal Reset
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After years of Unresolved Sexual Tension, Mulder cupped Scully's face in his hands, their eyes locked, their mouths moved closer...
There's also an unresolved sexual tension with student lodger Hannah (Katie Holmes), while his New York publisher Terry Crabtree (Robert Downey JR) is only interested in bedding his next conquest.
But what has been created instead of a thing called love is a phenomenon known as UST, unresolved sexual tension, and it has become part of the lure of the X-Files.
That means there's lots of unresolved sexual tension between Ned and Chuck, as the pair cannot physically express their feelings.
"They've never had an overt romance, I'd say it was more just a lot of unresolved sexual tension," says Cathy.
The television phenomenon of the 90s, Chris Carter's intelligent, sophisticated hunt the alien series has a stock in trade of murky government conspiracies, shadowy figures, bizarre occurrences and, of course, the unresolved sexual tension of FBI agents Mulder and Scully's smoulderingly platonic relationship.
A MAJOR rule of drama is that unresolved sexual tension should stay unresolved, if you want to keep people watching.