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UNSUniversidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina)
UNSUniversitas Sebelas Maret (Indonesian university)
UNSUnions (US Postal service standard street suffix)
UNSUltimate Ninja Storm (gaming)
UNSUniversity of Natural Sciences (various locations)
UNSUniversity of Nice Sophia Antipolis (Nice, France)
UNSUnified Name Service
UNSUnicenter Notification Service
UNSUser Name Server
UNSUniversal Navigation Switch
UNSUnified Numbering System (alloy designation system)
UNSUnnilseptium (bohrium, element 107)
UNSUbiquitous Network Society
UNSUnified Network Services (Cisco)
UNSUniversal Need Statement (USMC)
UNSUnskilled and Semi-Skilled
UNSUred za Nacionalnu Sigurnost (Bureau for National Security, Croatia)
UNSUniversity of Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro
UNSUniversal Navigation System
UNSUnited Nations Spacy (Macross, Anime)
UNSUnilateral Nerve-Sparing
UNSUrgency of Need Statement (US Army)
UNSUnsecured Navier-Stokes
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The proposal to revise the minimum wages of Indian workers, mainly the unskilled and semi-skilled ones, comes almost three decades after the existing wages ranging from Dh600 to Dh750 were set as mandatory requirements for securing Indian missions' attestation for recruitment process.
For me, this issue goes to the heart of the two major domestic failings of New Labour, once we leave aside Iraq: what hasn't been done for young, unskilled and semi-skilled people in creating real job opportunities, and the lack of social housing.
Such regulation may amount to relatively little in the case of high-income earners, such as corporate executives and professionals, but may be significant for unskilled and semi-skilled labor, raising labor costs by one-half or more.
But the number of positions open to unskilled and semi-skilled workers will fall by around 1,200 a year.
The only comparable data for the UK are those of Nissim (1984), who estimates substitution elasticities for skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled.