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UNSSUnion National du Sport Scolaire
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Meanwhile, lecture hall 2006 in UNSS remains occupied.
"Know and keep Bulgarian traditions, have self-confidence over the achievements of your country, never stop being patriots," Iskrov, a UNSS graduate, told the college students, adding this was the way followed by the Central Bank.
This offer is based on 4 entries: residence of sports clubs bringing a radiation for the district; hosting clubs, structured sports activities for residents and meeting neighborhood challenges in terms of education, health, diversity, etc .; physical activity spaces, well-being; School sport (courses, UNSS ...).
UNSS in partnership with UGSEL and USEP, invited the youth to discover more than 100 sports activities and excel at a hundred departmental and academic events.
Contract notice: Execution of school transport services for students under the unss (wednesday transport)