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It is shown that the crystallinity of the unstretched PET-CKao composites increases with filler content; however, it does not change for stretched films (Fig.
From this point, her work evolved to take the form of large irregularly shaped paintings which were unstretched.
For example if muscle is damaged the skin is stretched manually first and KT is applied unstretched (Kinesio Holding Corporation 2008).
Other important factors include female gender, (15,20,21,23) first-born infants (due to an unstretched uterus and tighter abdominal muscles), (11,15,21,23) ethnicity, (8,11) and swaddling or use of cradle boards.
His show at Willamette Oaks, for example, consists of a series of large, ragged unstretched linens and other fabrics on which he has painted images in oil or acrylic.
We should be running races that last no more than 30 seconds, so that attention spans remain as far as possible unstretched.
In the case of all paediatric patients and for a more accurate assessment, use the Berkow diagram or the patient's unstretched open hand representing 1% of TBSA.
Diurnal variation in height and the reliability of height measurements using stretched and unstretched techniques in the evaluation of short-term growth.
They are the seaside equivalent of brass rubbings, the result of charcoal being rubbed over unstretched canvas lying on the beach as the tide goes out.
Since flame stretch can significantly modify the laminar flame speed and also change the propensity of the flame to become turbulent (and have a much higher flame speed), it is suggested that it may be useful in future tests to use techniques that allow simultaneous determination of the unstretched laminar flame speed as well as the flame's response to stretch and preferential diffusion.
Still a little frazzled from his latest flight, the 26-year-old ran with typical bravery in a 400m race he was destined to lose the moment Rob Tobin unstretched his 6ft 3ins frame around the final bend to win in 46.
The statistical thermodynamics approach is based on observations that the rubber elastic forces arise almost entirely from the decrease in entropy with increase in applied extension, which follows from the structure of unstretched rubber being highly amorphous and hence of high entropy.