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Crystallinity Modulus Yield Fructure (DSC) (%) stress stress (MPa) (MPa) Unstretched Virgin PET 13 2937 59 N/A PET + 1% MAE 14 3219 60 N/A PET + 2% MAE 11 3519 61 N/A PET + 5% MAE 10 3824 59 N/A Stretch Virgin PET 36 3528 78 121 ratio 2 PET + 1 % MAE 31 4206 74 98 PET + 2% MAE 34 4554 75 96 PET + 5% MAE 34 4937 X7 97 Stretch Virgin PET 40 3933 79 124 ratio 2.
Table 2 resumes the ratio for the unstretched and the preoriented stretched specimens taken in two perpendicular laser light polarizations.
Therefore, the preheating time of unstretched rods and the oven temperature, as the processing parameters, were considered to achieve uniform temperature distribution in the batch process.
His signature practice of folding, crumpling, and at times knotting unstretched canvases prior to the application of paint--what he famously called "folding as method"--appears the deep context for the use of folding on the part of other painters here: not just Parmentier, for whom the debt to Hantai was explicit, but also Degottex, for whom it was not.
In this section, processing of PVDF films and characterization techniques used for unstretched and stretched films are discussed.
Genzken made the works by placing unstretched canvas on the floor of her studio, applying a layer of paint, and then removing it with a squeegee.
Above this temperature the storage modulus of the 500% stretched specimen is higher than that of the unstretched specimen.
This was the first time that he had painted on unprimed, unstretched canvases.
Initially, the unstretched sample exhibited isotropic scattering ring in SAXS patterns, indicating unoriented long range structures.
At present concrete flooring ceilings in germany are standardized as unstretched boards with longitudinal and transverse joints at regular intervals.
For 'for every tweet a pearl,' I wanted to create a large, unstretched painting to be installed on the central wall of the gallery," he reveals.
Those having some familiarity with Pixlnsight know that when viewing linear data, the STF (Screen Transfer Function) AutoStretch must be turned on to see an unstretched, dark image.